Episode 1

Down & Out in Huttspace

Summary: The game began on Nar Shaddaa, where the heroes met and were given a proposition by B-250. After stealing a ship, they headed to Gelgelar Freeport.

XP: 6700 (3350 each) [12 smuggler goons (4800), 1 smuggler captain (900), 1 Preybird Fighter (1000) lots of good roleplaying (1000)]

Rewards: Modified Mobeq Yards Q4 cargo hauler, 12000 credits (for sale of old ship).

Important Notes: Mako won’t forget who stole his ship, but he is a local loanshark with little power beyond the Smuggler’s Moon. The stolen ship has several incomplete of malfunctioning systems – the senors are wonky, and it’s missing one of its stabilizers. The cargo pods are not shielded from sensor sweeps.


The last time anyone heard of the Midnight Star, it was under the command of Quinn Corvin. The Corellian Corvette had been modified to have a small hangar in the middle of it from which Corvin commanded a small rag-tag group of mercenary starfighter pilots in pirate raids and ground assaults, all in the pursuit of wealth. But that was years ago …

After a lucrative raid on a convoy, the Midnight Star became hounded by a class of mercenary the crew wasn’t used to – highly trained, well equipped – in a word, professionals. They wanted something that had been taken in that raid. Eventually, the pursuers caught up and, in the heat of battle, Quinn ordered the pilots to jump away. He spun the nav-computer dial, hit “jump” and made his way into an escape pod. The last anyone saw of the Star, it was a battered hulk of ship, disappearing into the distance.

Quinn made his way to Nar Shaddaa with his trusted friend and former Midnight Star crew mate Content Not Found: dorn-b-din. Making a small stipend by selling forged documents to spacers, Quinn was approached by a droid, B-250. B-250 claimed to not only know the last known location of the Midnight Star, but had a way to get Quinn a ship, full credentials and lead him to it, where he would be able to salvage whatever he wanted. In exchange, B-250 wanted only a single crate that his Master believes is there.

Quinn agreed and B-250 led Quinn and Dorn to the hangar base of Mako Scirrus, an Ortolan loanshark. He was powerful on Nar Shaddaa, but his enterprises were limited to that moon. In order to expand, Mako had acquired a [Mobeq Yards Q4 | SHIP NAME] and was having it converted into a smuggling vessel. Six cargo modular containers that hung from the underside of the forward part of the ship would be shielded to resist all forms of scanning, several weapons would be added as well as comm jammers and the like. It was a perfect vessel for smuggling … or moving heavily loaded starfighters.

Best of all, Mako had wrangled the brilliant designer Sa’Mi to complete the task. A former friend and crew mate of the Midnight Star, Sa’Mi was being mistreated in his current role (though he was not quick to admit it, the appointed captain of the would-be smuggling vessel was a brutish Ishi-Tib who regularly beat and kicked the little Chadra Fan). Quinn managed to convince Sa’Mi to complete the major overhauls to the ship and help him steal it.

After watching the crew of the ship, the heroes noticed they frequented a nearby cantina where they were routinely rude, leaving unpaid tabs and starting fights. Quinn convinced the Wookiee bartender to drug the group on his signal and cause them to pass out, weakening defenses in the base. Meanwhile, Dorn managed to make friends with some of the crew and got into the base itself.

Sa’Mi left to “get parts” for his work, and smuggled Quinn into the crate. Quinn had his four laborer droids cart them into Mako’s base when Dorn informed the group that the ship was to leave immediately – not in 6 days as originally planned. Sa’Mi had the crate containing Quinn placed near the bridge, while he went outside the ship to start a distraction. Dorn readied his Content Not Found: memory-s-shadow.

Sa’Mi set a fire then headed down the ship and back to the base. Quinn emerged from the crate and dispatched two Weequay on the bridge, before sending his droid to work prepping the ship for launch. Sa’Mi fought and killed the Ishi-Tib captain, dodged several droids and Nikto thugs then headed up to the control tower. In a fistfight, the tower controller punched the dock release, injuring his hand but freeing the ship for Quinn. Sa’Mi called his fighter to smash through the tower, killing the controller and providing him a way out.

Meanwhile a Preybird fighter had launched and was trying to keep the ship grounded. As Quinn piloted up through the towers and walkways that make up the bowels of Nar Shaddaa, the fighter pursued him, tailed closely by Sa’Mi and Dorn who had arrived with B-250 in the second seat of his fighter. Quinn ran briefly back to the turbolaser cannon control to blast the walkway and leave Mako’s hangar with a smoldering hole in the side of it.

The two starfighters quickly dispatched the Preybird and followed Quinn on a microjump outside the system. There, they docked the fighters on the ship and headed to Gelgelar Freeport, where B-250 claimed to have a contact that could help them with getting licenses and transponder codes.


Can you make an NPC slot for B-250 for continuity purposes? Just a simple rundown would be sweet. His link is forbidden.

Episode 1

yeah my bad – i made him prior to the game but forgot to make him not GM-only afterwards. It’s been corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.

Episode 1

Ah yes. And while your at it, mind linking Dorn’s newer profile? I assume this is all GM ability that I cannot access, but if not let me know.

Episode 1

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