Episode 2

Stick in the Mud

Summary: Coming into the Gelgelar System, the character got caught up in a battle between to rival dock bosses, tried to rescue some Imperials and ended up making an arms sale.

XP: 7200/3 = 2400 each (10×200 Scout Troopers, 1×1000 Imperial Officer, 1×200 AT-ST driver, 1600 × 1 AT-ST, 1200 x Completion of BoSS Doucments / 600 x Exploration: Gelgelar Freeport / 600 x Good Roleplaying)

Rewards: 11,000 Credits for the sale of stolen imperial goods to Sleerog Fenn, 2 Imperial Speeder Bikes, 2kg of Detonite, Forged BoSS Documents (Transponder Codes [Gun&Grave], Captain’s Accredited License [Quinn Corvinn], and Arms Load Out Permit)

Important Notes: The heroes got their documents from Loro Ecls, but were unable to complete his salvage quest. Meanwhile, they captured the Imperials and delivered them back to Ecls and his family. Sleerog didn’t get what he want, but he did get a big cache of Imperial weapons and goods. No major contacts were made at Gelgelar, but no one’s life was truly disrupted. A familiarity with local politics and the main citizens of the port could be valuable later when looking for a place to lay low.


After 16 hours in hyperspace, the heroes arrived at Gelgelar Freeport and, after terse negotiations in Sullstan, made landing at the port, near the Nofre Repair Bay. The characters set out to try to meet Loro Ecls, the Sullustan that B-250 had indicated might be able to provide documents to accredit the recently stolen ship.

After failing to gain an audience with Loro, Dorn and Sa’Mi met with Qulo, his cousin, who only spoke Sullustan. Frustrated, they were approached by a Rodian working for Sleerog Fenn, Loro’s chief rival. He took them to meet Fenn, who proposed a deal: 20,000 credits for the documents; a heavy discount if they could defame Loro or all the documents for free – if they ran him off world.

Meanwhile, Quinn convinced Qulo to set up a meeting with him and Loro, where they discussed the forged documents needed. Loro had recently ordered an Imperial scout patrol shot down and said he would take whatever scrap was recovered from the crash off the price of the documents.

Arriving by starfighter, the heroes survey the Imperial crash site: 10 troopers, an officer and an AT-ST as well as numerous crates and weapon emplacements. Quinn managed to convince ((:corporal-torne)) that he was sympathetic to their cause and that he would pick them up and take them to the nearest garrison. Traveling back to the Port, Sa’Mi rigged the hyperdrive to appear broken and the crew went back to pick up the Imperials, who loaded their gear onto one of the pods and then blasted the camp, leaving no usable scrap.

In Orbit, the Imperials commandeered the vessel as Sa’Mi worked to “fix” the hyperdrive, buying a little time for the team. Quinn spoke with the officer who asked him questions about his past – Ryloth and Space Station administration, specifically. Quinn left to go help Sa’Mi “buy parts”, but upon returning to the ship, the Officer approached Quinn with an accusation – that he had been implicit in the destruction of the Indefatigable, a Star Destroyer Quinn helped destroy while fleeing his space station. Quinn was captured, but managed to alert the crew and take control of the bridge – all while still in binders!

Sa’Mi, Dorn and B-250 worked to clear the lower decks and made their way to the bridge, killing two more troopers, but managing to capture three plus Corporal Torne. Subdued, they contacted Loro once more and made arrangements to meet Qulo in orbit. He arrived with the ship’s documents as promised, and although surprised, accepted the prisoners the heroes had captured as a token of good will – both for having not recovered any salvage materials and for allowing the Imperials to get off a distress call using the Gun & Grave’s communications array.

Dorn then contacted Sleerog, who joined them in orbit to inspect, and finally purchase what was left of the Imperial cargo that the heroes did not keep for themselves (namely guns, armor, and scout field gear). With that, the heroes allowed B-250 to program in their next jump and they headed out to Ando Prime.


Hey yall,

First off, good game Drew. I enjoyed being a player again. Sorry if I felt kinda rusted I actually havent been a PC in a game in quite a long while now. So I appreciate the awesome time.

Secondly, just a recap. We had a tooon of OOC talk in game about the plan for like an hour about the possiblities of all of the scenarios that might happen with the Imps. I felt like that detracted slightly from our heroics, plus the insane caffiene in that coffee Drew. Not that I didn’t like the plan or anything. I just recall that being a very large portion of our conversation in game, but OOC. There was a good amount of action, so I dont want to make it sound like Im harpin, just that out of all of that speculation as to the ‘What if?’ scenario it all lead to a completely different showdown anyhow. I think to speed things along we should make it more in character so that way it at least holds some continuity and doesnt make all of our characters psychic. Maybe thats just me though…

Any comments?

Episode 2

You know, I actually viewed a big part of that conversation as In Character!

Still, I hear you. I really struggled with getting involved and saying “okay, look – speed this up” the same way i would if a player was taking to long to declare his actions. In the end, I really didn’t want to stifle the discussion. In the future, I’ll step in if I need to. I hope Sean and You will also feel more confident in wrangling the plot the way your characters would react – Taylor and I have talked at length about him being the captain and what them means and we both agree that DOES NOT mean this is the Quinn Corvinn show with some other ancillary characters.

Thanks for the feedback, and I’m sorry again for the lack of dynamic action there. Moments like that are the trade-off when you play in persistent worlds and let your characters guide the story – at least I’m not railroading my games!

Episode 2

Yeah the planning was really my fault because the older I get the more schizophrenic… When I make characters like Knightflight or Rick Ryann (anything Spycraft really) I get in this con man, oceans 11 mode where I want to make this intricate plan and see every angle and then bam I took up 45 minutes of everyones time mostly going “you know… we could…. no. No that worn work…”
I think that type of rolplaying has it’s place, but I don’t think it has a good place in Star Wars. I agree with Drew that most of the conversation was in character at least to me, but I completely agree with Billy that we (mostly me) took too long ironing out a too needlessly complex in some ways, glaringly simple in other ways, of a plan.
As Drew said, this definitely isn’t ‘my show’ I am just playing a character that is more involved than a lot of my ‘loner’ archetypes and so it comes off strong.
Still, I had a lot of fun and if I can just go wit ht he flow a bit more, I know we’ll have ab excellent team!

Episode 2

Don’t beat yourself up! As I said, I actually like that the heroes determine the story – you wanted to go down that road and I don’t want to discourage it. I don’t think it was a player / character issue, I think it was a pacing issue.

And definitely keep trying to play the angles – it’ll work out.

Episode 2

Yeh there was no problem in my mind other than I felt it was OOC, but again that was just me. Im as much to blame as anyone else for the prolonged planning, so no worries Capn. Lots OOC makes me feel like we’re bypassing the heart of what we’re trying to accomplish as characters. Its easy to make the cut into the imagination where we can speculate. In character just makes the feeling more real. Rather than as Billy discussing with other PCs what we ‘could’ do, I want it to always be Dorn trying to figure it out. Not my player mind, but my characters mind. I dunno. Im a fuckin weirdo.

Episode 2

Did you just apologize for loving roleplaying?

Episode 2

There were no apologies. But possibly an insinuation. Im no crazy! You cant tell me how to live my life!

jumps out a window

Episode 2

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