Episode 4

Rest in Peace

Summary: The heroes reached the Midnight Star, deep in an asteroid field in the Ando system. They got aboard the ship and recovered the cargo, including B-250’s box, Suddenly, they were attacked by Imperial Special Forces. Barely fleeing a powerful experimental Imperial capital ship, the heroes met with B-250’s “master” – a powerful member of the Rebel Alliance.

XP: 15000 (5000ea.) – 7 Darktroopers (Phase I) 4200, 3 TIE Interceptors 4800, Finished the Job 3000, Scavenged the Y-Wing 2000 , Good Roleplaying 1000

Rewards: Roughly 1,500,000 credits worth Old Republic Stamped Aurodium Ignots, a scavenged Y-Wing

Important Notes: The job was finished and the heroes made contact with a powerful Rebel leader, but an experimental Imperial warship has seen the Gun & Grave and won’t likely forget the ship that got the cargo out from under their nose.


The heroes left Ando Prime and headed into the asteroid field to find the Midnight Star. Quinn travelled in with Dorn and Sa’Mi had B-250 in his passenger seat. Navigation was difficult and both ships got beat up.

On the Midnight Star, things were in bad shape. After crawling around and encountering a malfunctioning door that nearly killed Quinn, a corrosive chemical leak, a still-functioning security gun, and a swarm of mynocks, the heroes located the cargo. While Sa’Mi, Quinn and B-250 looked through the bay for anything of value, Dorn worked on a badly damaged Y-Wing that was left in the hangar (a long-dead Shistavenan was in the cockpit). Once working (sans shields) Dorn took it out for a test flight.

Suddenly, the heroes were without communications. Dorn spotted dark figures moving on the hull of the ship and firing at Humble.

Meanwhile, Sa’Mi, Quinn and B-250 found B-250s cargo and the last shipment the Midnight Star was moving. The four crates (not including B-250s tiny box) contained Old Republic Armor, Guns, Machine Parts and some Broken Statues. Sa’Mi discovered that they all had removable bottom-drawers full of Republic stamped ingots – millions worth!

Sa’Mi was returning to the docking bay just about the time Dorn had left and saw a figure coming it – some kind of Droid / Stormtrooper hybird; powerfully framed and built for space combat! Dispatching it by using detonite to launch a broken starfighter frame on to the Trooper, Sa’Mi ordered Humble to fly to the hangar and got in the cockpit.

Quinn had bundled up the four crates and made his way to the back airlock where, once opened, he and B-250 were assaulted by another of the Troopers. Outside, Dorn switched back to the Memory’s Shadow and blew away a docked Imperial Shuttle with two proton torpedoes, then swung back down to the lower airlock to pick up Quinn, who, after launching himself into space, had defeated the trooper. Sa’Mi picked up B-250, Dorn switched back to the Y-Wing and Quinn piloted the Shadow.

Three TIE Interceptors came down on the heroes. Quinn fled into the asteroid field, followed by one ship. Sa’Mi launched a proton torpedo into the Midnight Star’s reactor, causing a massive explosion that sent the Interceptors and Humble flying. Seizing the opportunity, Dorn took down one fighter still reeling while Sa’Mi took out the other. Quinn caught the last TIE unawares in the field and blasted it.

At the edge of the field, the heroes were met with the Gun & Grave (piloted by the droids) fleeing a massive ship that neither Sa’Mi nor Quinn could identify. It seemed to be bristling with large bolts of purple electricity. Quinn and Dorn docked – Quinn taking the helm and Dorn the turbolaser controls. Dorn pummeled the ship while Sa’Mi began an attack run against it – but not before dropping of B-250 who gave Sa’Mi jump coordinates.

Suddenly the strange ship erupting in a single, powerful arc of purplish lightning that collided with Sa’Mi’s fighter, jumped to the Grave and then into the asteroid field. The damage was minimal to the Grave, but Sa’Mi’s little ship took a pounding from a huge ion discharge.

B-250 ran to the bridge and put in similar coordinates. Once ready, the Gun & Grave made a run for it. Sa’Mi followed, but not before sending a proton torpedo into the bridge of the strange ship – which he was now quite certain must be experimental or prototype in nature.

After making several small jumps, the heroes jumped into a cluster of heavily armed warships. Sa’Mi jumped in and stayed in Humble – with weapons and shields up. A shuttle detached from the fleet and docked with the Grave. B-250 and Quinn ran down to the rear airlock where they met with a commando squad who gruffly took the box from B-250 and left without a word. B-250’s chest opened and a hologram transmission began. There was a young man, his face obscured by a black robe that covered him. He spoke:

“Thank you for your service, Quinn. The cargo that the Midnight Star had come into was a trove of Old Republic artifacts, smuggled by a team trying to keep the items out of the hands of the Empire. You may keep the gold and the rest, but the small box – the one B-250 was ordered to get – contained Jedi artifacts that belong to a great master, before the Empire … before the Dark Times. The Rebel Alliance must rebuild the Jedi Order and the things contained in that box will help immeasurably. I’m sorry for all the secrecy but I simply couldn’t risk you knowing who you were working for or what you were sent to get. You’ve done a great service for me and I’ve put you in considerable danger. In addition to cargo, please except a gift from me – this droid. He is hard working and will serve you well.”

With that, the transmission ended, B-250 powered down and restarted – with his memory wiped. Sa’Mi saw the shuttle pulling away from the ship outside, emblazoned with the crest of the Alliance. He docked and came in to B-250 re-introducing himself to Quinn (who declared himself the droid’s new master).

Quinn charged up the bridge full of piss and vinegar to plot a new course.

Sa’Mi made friends with B-250 … again.

Dorn lazily pulled on a pipe of spice.

And the Gun & Grave drifted in darkness.



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