NPC is a male 3rd degree droid scout 3 (CL: 3/FP: 0)

STR 9 (-1) Fort Defense: 14 Size: medium
DEX 15 (2) Ref Defense: 17 Age: adult
CON 0 Will Defense: 15 Height: average
INT 16 (
3) Dam. Threshold: 14 Weight: average
WIS 15 (2) Initiative: +3 Base Attack: +2
CHA 15 (
2) Perception: +3 Total HP: 31

Speed: 6 squares (walking) Language: Basic, Binary

Racial Abilities:
DC 10 translator unit
basic processor
droid uses probe appendages
magnetic feet
non-living immunitities
holorecorder / player (in chest)
concealed Plarium Flamethrower (Perception Check DC 32), 3d6 fire damage.

B-250’s flamethrower is concealed partly in his forearm, where a removed panel reveals the nozzle. His shoulder cowling flips up to reveal a tube, which runs down his back to a small Plarium container in his lower-rear torso. The tube must be hooked up to the nozzle, which is a full round action.

Plarium is chemical substance, akin to napalm that coats whatever it touches. The area of effect of each attack lasts 2 rounds after the round the attack is made on. Any character that takes full damage from the attack takes 1d6 fire damage on the next two rounds, unless they take three swift actions to put the fire out. Characters who take half or no damage are unaffected, provided they leave the AoE area. A plarium flamethrower can be used 3 times before it must be reloaded, which is a full round action.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Flamethrower)
Weapon proficiency (pistols)
Weapon proficiency (rifles)
Weapon proficiency (simple weapons)


Knowledge (bureaucracy)
Knowledge (galactic lore)
Knowledge (physical sciences)
Knowledge (tactics)
Knowledge (technology)


B-250’s full designation is B-250:11a:2R51C. He is a Kinocorp B-Series Hospitality Droid, typically used as household help or light work. They are typically cordial and polite, and kept to tidy up around the home or cook meals.

B-250 approached Quinn and Dorn on Nar Shadaa with a mission to find and recover the Midnight Star on behalf of his master, who turned out to be a Jedi Knight working for the Rebellion. The heroes were paid handsomely. After playing a holographic message from his master, B-250’s memory was wiped. He reintroduced himself to the crew and has become a live-in servant for the Gun & Grave.

Original Entry:
An mysterious droid who claims to be working for an unnamed employer. He presents the heroes with a quest – locate the Midnight Star I. He claims to know how to lead them there and, in exchange for the heroes help and expertise, will pay them handsomely – with a singular ship. His employer will also allow them to take anything on the MSI they want – except one small piece of stolen cargo that belongs to him.


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