Bel Devro


NPC is a male Human jedi 7/jedi knight 1 (CL: 8/FP: 10)

STR 15 (2) Fort Defense: 21 Size: medium
DEX 15 (
2) Ref Defense: 22 Age: adult
CON 13 (1) Will Defense: 22 Height: average
INT 13 (
1) Dam. Threshold: 20 Weight: average
WIS 15 (2) Initiative: +6 Base Attack: +8
CHA 17 (
3) Perception: +11 Total HP: 65

Speed: 6 squares (walking) Language: Basic

Combat reflexes
Double attack
Force sensitivity
Power attack
Rapid strike
Weapon proficiency (lightsabers)
Weapon proficiency (simple weapons)

Dark Side sense
Skilled advisor
Telekinetic savant

Knowledge (galactic lore)
Knowledge (physical sciences)
Use the Force


Bel was a Jedi refugee who posed as a Rebel informant to gain transit from the Gun & Grave while on Tatooine (see Episodes 7 & 8). He was killed on board the Masriff II station after the heroes’ ruse was discovered.

Bel Devro fought alongside General Kenobi in the Clone Wars but was forced into hiding after the Galactic Empire claimed victory. Years in isolation and hiding have weakened his power in the Force, yet he clings to the old ways and seeks to restore the Order.

In the War, Devro was a commander of ground troops but worked closely with a starfighter battalion under the command of Rhell Falon, a Republic fighter ace and his squadron (the Shield of the Republic). Devro has learned that Rhell and his unit survived the war and now fly under the name Tierfon 3 (Green Squadron) “The Shield of the Rebellion.”

Bel Devro

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