Canter Janis

A scientist stationed on Vendaxa to study plant and animal life there


NPC is a male Human scout 5 

STR 13 (1)  Fort Defense:   17   Size:   medium
DEX 9 (-1)         Ref Defense:    15   Age:    adult
CON 10 Will Defense:   17   Height: shorter
INT 16 (
3) Dam. Threshold: 17   Weight: average
WIS 15 (+2) Initiative:     +NaN   Base Attack: +5
CHA 10 Perception:     +NaN   Total HP:    54

Speed: 6 squares (walking)   Language: Basic

Cybernetic Surgery
Surgical Expertise
Melee Defense

  Knowledge (life sciences)
  Knowledge (physical sciences)
  Treat injury

1750 credits 
dirty jumpsuit
glow rods (4)
helmet package
medical kit
medpacs (4)
syntherope, 45 meters
tool kit


Canter Janis is a brilliant scientist who has spent a lifetime studying botany and biology.  He was recruited by the Empire with the promise of steady funding and few restrictions.  Shortly thereafter, and at great personal protest, he was shipped off to Vendaxa to serve under Moff Keer.  He now manages the meager science team, tasked by Keer with finding any beast or plant that can be effectively weaponized.

Canter Janis

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