Captain Renett (L5-181X)

Stormtrooper Captain, designation L5-181X, Company commander of the 313th - the "Void Jumpers"


NPC is a male Human soldier 7/elite trooper 1

STR 18 (4) Fort Defense:   23   Size:   medium
DEX 14 (
2) Ref Defense:    22   Age:    adult
CON 12(1)         Will Defense:   21   Height: average
INT 12 (
1)         Dam. Threshold: 23  Weight: average
WIS 16 (3) Initiative:     +6    Base Attack: +8
CHA 12 (
1) Perception:     +7   Total HP:    81

Speed: 6 squares (walking)   Language: Basic

  Armor proficiency (light)
  Armor proficiency (medium)
  Quick draw
  Skill focus (tactics)
  Weapon proficiency (advanced melee weapons)
  Weapon proficiency (pistols)
  Weapon proficiency (rifles)
  Weapon proficiency (simple weapons)

  Armored defense
  Draw fire
  Tough as nails

  Knowledge (tactics)
  Treat injury
  Use computer


Renett is a soldier’s soldier.  After several tough assignments with the 502nd, Renett and the rest of the survivors of that squad were pooled into the 313th and shipped to the Brak Sector.  For the last two years, Renett’s job has been the maintenance and security for Imperial Operations on Vendaxa.  He commands the ground forces of the colony,  a single company of 128 soldiers (32 each in 4 platoons) spread out among the colony proper, remote stations and the orbital platform.

Captain Renett (L5-181X)

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