Gorba the Hutt

from Nar Shaddaa to Tatooine, his name is feared as a ruthless smuggling kingpin


Gorba is a Hutt’s Hutt. Descended from a long line of “business minded” progenitors, Gorba inherited a struggling syndicate from his father. In just a few short decades, he turned it around. Now, some 40 years later, he is a powerful merchant-prince, smuggling goods across every world of the outer rim.

Although he dabbles in a variety of crime and vice, Gorba’s strengths have always lay in his smuggling network. Long the employer of such illustrious smugglers like Platt & Montag, Gorba has succeeded due to two strengths:

1. He is heartless, cold and completely detached. He has little bias against standing, species or gender – his concern is on the quality of the pilot and the reliability of his cohorts.

2. He always settles his debts. Gorba never stiffs someone in his employ and has only occasionally double crossed someone.

Gorba is, thus, highly predicable if exceedingly ruthless. He values good men and women who can discretely complete his errands. With little to trace illicit cargo back to the supplier, Smuggling is an ideal enterprise for a being such as Gorba, who has spread his business across a whole wing of the galaxy. It’s a trade which requires him only to acquire and sell goods – and prices are easily negotiated with an army of thugs at your disposal. He trades primary in weapons and drugs, but he has been known to move slaves, stolen military goods, and illegal machine parts (droids, ships components, etc.).

He keeps a large complex on Nar Shaada which acts as his business hub, and a villa / palace on Tatooine which is his usual home. There are a collection of lieutenants and major-domos at each location. His palace features an exterior landing pad, attached market and a sprawling interior. A small bar on the main floor leads up to a larger audience chamber where a transparisteel floor looks down onto the first bar. Passageways there lead up to Gorba’s private veranda, personal chambers, private docking extension and guest accommodations. Laterally to the audience chamber are several towers housing storage, rooms for let, and offices. The towers are mostly large, easily accessible rooms as Gorba is particularly large, even by Hutt standards. Finally, there are a series of tunnels and chambers underneath the palace, where he has been known to keep ferocious dog-like beasts.

Gorba the Hutt

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