Ice Box

A converted power droid


Ice Box is no longer a power droid, but a drink serving droid. His insides have been replaced with 4 units whereby he may dispense with at his front side, WITH an ice dispenser built along the water line. Dorn has an idea to attach a small fume box so that he might smoke from Ice Box when he needs it, but this far all hes managed to do is re-run clean water through the water dispenser, and dump a 4th of one of Quinn’s dusty whisky bottles into a vacant slot.


Amongst the many scientific instruments that Dorn was trying to find, he found a handy droid. Ice Box was the cream of a display case that some very dusty Jawa were trying to sell. Thinking he was going to get a big freezing unit when they led him into their junk-house, Dorn was instead introduced to the service droid. Paying 700 credits he thought it would make a decent companion aboard the Gun and Grave. Thus far it has been useful in serving many many drinks, and with fresh ice cubes!

Ice Box

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