Gamorrean non-heroic 3 (CL: 0/FP: 0)

STR 17 (3) Fort Defense: 12 Size: medium
DEX 12 (
1) Ref Defense: 11 Age: adult
CON 11 Will Defense: 11 Height: taller
INT 7 (-2) Dam. Threshold: 12 Weight: average
WIS 12 (1) Initiative: +2 Base Attack: +2
CHA 13 (
1) Perception: +2 Total HP: 8

Speed: 6 squares (walking) Language: Basic (speak only), Gamorrean (speak only)

Racial Abilities:
Can not gain WP with pistols, rifles, or heavy weapons at first level

Armor proficiency (light)
Improved damage threshold
Skill focus (Knowledge)
Weapon proficiency (advanced melee weapons)
Weapon proficiency (simple)

Knowledge (bureaucracy)

Slave Collar (a controller produces a shock)
Knife (with which he offers to kill himself occasionally)
Well-Pressed Dark Clothes
Mop & Bucket


Jejero joined the crew when ownership of him was transferred from Shandala to Quinn in exchange for saving her life. Jejero was one of Shandala’s favorite slaves. He is, inexplicably, courteous, polite and (one would dare say) well groomed. He speaks basic, which biologically-speaking is generally considered impossible.

Jejero has few useful skills but can cook and clean and is enthusiastic about pleasing all the members of the Gun & Grave. What usefulness he has beyond swabbing the head has yet to be seen.


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