Mako Scirrus

an Ortolan loan shark based out of Nar Shaada


Mako started as a small-time gambler but pretty quickly learned that the pay-off didn’t come from betting money – it came from lending it. With enough capital, and loans spread out over all of the grimy little moon, Mako quickly made a fortune on Nar Shaada.

He owns the Lucky 23, his personal craft upon which he spend nearly all of his time, ferrying from one meeting to another and lounging in his bath when he isn’t busy. He is a meticulous business man and watches his books very closely. He recently acquired Deckard’s, formerly under the ownership of Vic Callo, a Bothan gambler, and has been seen there more frequently.

Update: The Gun & Grave was originally owned by Mako – the heroes stole it out from under him during Episode 1.

Mako Scirrus

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