Moff Keer

stern and serious, Keer oversees operations in the Vendaxa System of the Brak Sector


NPC is a male Human soldier 2/noble 7

STR 11 Fort Defense:   20   Size:   medium
DEX 11 Ref Defense:    20   Age:    old
CON 9 (-1).  Will Defense:   21   Height: taller
INT 16 (3) Dam. Threshold: 20   Weight: average
WIS 11 Initiative:     +9   Base Attack: +7
CHA 15 (
2) Perception:     +9   Total HP:    53

Speed: 6 squares (walking)   Language: Basic

  Armor proficiency (light)
  Armor proficiency (medium)
  Exotic weapon proficiency
  Martial arts I
  Melee defense
  Weapon proficiency (advanced melee weapons)
  Weapon proficiency (pistols)
  Weapon proficiency (rifles)
  Weapon proficiency (simple weapons)

  Born leader
  Draw fire
  Fearless leader
  Inspire confidence

  Knowledge (tactics)
  Use computer


Keer is an old-school Imperial and former Republic Naval Officer.  He was one of Palpatine’s earliest supporters and was rewarded thusly.  An intensely serious and studious man, he is Imperial Moff over the Vendaxa system of the Brak Sector, and in charge of monitoring the Correllian Run throughout that Sector.

Moff Keer

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