Sal Xero

freelance investigations


In another life, Sal quit CorSec to join No Man’s Servant, a tramp freighter. When the ship got pinched smuggling for the Hutts, he took the fall to save the crew (especially his love, Erana). After a stink on a prison-world, he ended up on Nar Shaada doing private investigative consulting.

A near-catastrophic end at the hands of a rogue Corellian Brotherhood agent with former Imperial Black Ops ties, sent Sal on the lamb in a newly acquired YT-1300, No Man’s Servant II. Although a free man, it’s a good bet that the men he pissed off still have an eye out for him.

Now he travels the galaxy IPKC in his pocket, blaster on his hip still trying to help the little guy (and pay the bills) wherever he can. He is never far from his partner, the droid H1RO.

Sal Xero

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