Teregin & Zym

former Black Sun agents, turned bounty hunting duo


What started as a tentative partnership between two thugs on Tatooine – Teregin a Human and Zym a Feeorin – ended up being a lucrative and long-lasting partnership. Initially the two worked as hired thugs for various criminals looking to squeeze money and goods out of others. But when they spared the life of one such target, they made a valuable ally.

The man was called Green, a Vigo in Black Sun. He soon hired them as his own blades, sending them out on personal missions. This usually meant moving incognito into areas, locating and then eliminating a target. In time, they used their considerable wealth to buy a large apartment on Coruscant, several flamboyant monogrammed items of clothing, several holo-tvs (to record their favorite soaps) and many, many guns.

During one of their missions for Green, they found themselves in possession of a locked case, being pursued by their fellow Black Sun agents only to be rescued by Prince Xizor himself!

The Prince revealed that Green was a traitor, and had been using Teregin and Zym to eliminate targets that may have implicated his treachery or had valuable information to use against him. Far from angry, Xizor took the case (containing the proof of Green’s betrayal) and sent the loyal men on their way with enough cash to keep them quiet about the whole affair.

They purchased a VCX-820 Escort Freighter, and re-equipped with armor and weapons. With two recently minted IPKC licenses, they headed off into the galaxy to make their keep doing what they did best – tracking people down and taking them out.

Teregin and Zym have a penchant for big guns and lots of them. They tend to prefer “kill” to “capture” as a strategy. Large explosions seem to follow them where ever they go.

Teregin & Zym

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