The Ringrose

a vessel & her ruthless band of cutthroat space pirates


The brutal (but merry) group of pirates that call the Ringrose home come from myriad worlds and backgrounds but have one underlying desire: money and the acquisition thereof. The Ringrose has been around for ages, an old pirate vessel that’s passed from one generation to the next. She is legendary is some parts of space, as much for her impressive track record as the downright stupidity of her crew’s bravery and their penchant for turning a cantina inside-out during a celebration. The crew of the vessel includes:

  • Captain: Quintten Pil Yennith (AKA Quin-Yin), a Human
  • First Mate: Illithin Vedronsa Al-Be’Kal (AKA Deadeye), a Duro
  • Second Mate: Döl Vallexiss Martt (AKA Longhaul), a Zabrak
  • 1st Lieutenant: Ullen Hallis (AKA Gutterung), a Devaronian
  • Lieutenants: Thor Therin Tal (“Hammerwind,” Quarren), Dain Mar-Allis (“Hawkbat”, Human), Thepher Zal’xianj (“Dentblade”, Talz)
  • Chief Engineer: Calii Umondoa (AKA Redtooth), a Gotal

There are many roustabouts, sellswords and brutes making up the crew – some 50 beings in all. The Lieutenants are each in charge of a small team that handles certain shiply duties and act as raiding party captains when the pillaging-time comes. Gutterung is always considered the boarding party leader, as he is nearly always the first one to the fight, twin dueling blasters screaming.

A bounty of 8000 credits exists for capture or killing of any of the Ringrose’s crew, with a 15000 credit bounty for any officer and a 25000 credit bounty for Quin-Yen. The total bounty for taking down the entire ship and all souls would top more than half a million credits.

The ship itself is a heavily modified nebulon-b frigate. It’s armor has all been reinforced and in contains numerous gun emplacements, both obvious and concealed. It’s most telltale modification is the enormous skull painted on the front, the mouth of which is actually a dilating airlock door ringed with a plasma punch. A favorite tactic of the Rose is actually to ram straight into a ship, open the mouth and spew her raiders into the other vessel. The crew affectionately refers to this tactic as “Biting” the enemy.

Near the engines, there is also a rather detailed painting of a reclining Gotal with its legs in the air. Redtooth assures the crew that it is both female and extremely erotic.

The Ringrose

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