Xoquon Kothari

Human Mechanic / Gunner


STR 10 Fort Defense: 16 Size: medium
DEX 10 Ref Defense: 16 Age: adult
CON 13 (1) Will Defense: 14 Height: average
INT 17 (
3) Dam. Threshold: 16 Weight: average
WIS 9 (-1) Initiative: +2 Base Attack: +2
CHA 10 Perception: +1 Total HP: 39

Speed: 6 squares (walking) Language: Basic

Shake it off
Weapon proficiency (advanced melee weapons)
Weapon proficiency (pistols)
Weapon proficiency (rifles)
Weapon proficiency (simple weapons)

Extreme effort

Knowledge (life sciences)
Knowledge (physical sciences)
Knowledge (tactics)


A hired gun for a “majestic flag-ship fleet” Xoquon has been flown from every angle outbound from a planet that one can think of. And none of them were under the awesome power of the Home Fleet for Strength and Unity ships back home on Coruscant. When those first Imperial Star Destroyers took off from the docking grounds, they gave him skin tingles like none other. But aboard ____________ he was just another chump.

Now on the majestic no-body’s ship with Captain Bail Gilder, Mr. Kothari finds himself mopping up oil puddles, wrenching toilet manes, and dis-infecting the Captain’s control consoles after every flight. Most of ____________ was in well enough order. But after realizing he was never going to be apart of anything majestic so long as he was in the company of Gilder, he decided to wait it out and see if he could get any money out of him.

Well that turned sour, as Bail decided to hire another hand to help him fly the ship. Four droids and several months later of travel and the Captain is already lazing behind the controls as the Sherveen takes the wheel. And Xoquon must just watch! Aiming to secure a higher position than ship mechanic, Xoquon still seeks what he’s always wanted. To fly in bigger ships. So he tries his best to look out for good deals aboard bigger boats, and is always poking at Gilder when nicer ships fly by.

Xoquon Kothari

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