Gun & Grave II

a ship created from the wreckage of the Gun and Grave and the Emissary




After a mid-battle collision between the two vessels, the Emissary and the Gun and Grave plummeted down to Onderon where both ships were presumed lost. After several months of work, Sa’Mi was able to brilliantly fuse technology from both ships, creating a singular frigate the likes of which the galaxy has never seen.

Combining the raw power, weapon and armor capabilities of the Emissary with the familiarity, versatility and real estate of the Gun and Grave, the new ship is capably of launching unorthodox attacks on its enemies; whether that means launching fighters from her concealed docking bays, smuggling cargo in her hidden compartments, or disabling ships with a modified & scaled-down version of the Storm Cannon.

Gun & Grave II

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