M-12L Kimogila Heavy Fighter



  • STR: 46 (+18)
  • DEX: 18 (+4)
  • INT: 16 (+3)
  • Size: Gargantuan (-5)
  • Type: Heavy Starfighter
  • Initiative: 10
  • Senses: 8
  • Sensors: 13

HP: 160
DR: 10

SPEED: Fly 14 sq. (max velocity 850 km/hr), Fly 4 sq. (starship scale)
Fighting Space: 4×4 (1 sq. starship)
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner Astromech, Droid Brain
Passengers: 0
Cargo: 110 kg
Consumables: 2 weeks
Hyperdrive: x2, 10-jump memory
Availability: Restricted


  • Heavy Laser Cannons (Pilot)
    Attack: 8 Damage: (6d10+2)2
  • Medium Concussion Missiles (Gunner)
    Attack: 8 Damage: (9d10+2)2
  • Proton Torpedoes (Pilot)
    Attack: 8 Damage: (9d10+2)2

Custom Systems

  • Droid Brain (SGtD, pg. 49): Salvaged when a coworker at Incom became frustrated with the systems that would not work well with other computer systems and thew it out, the “Humble” droid brain was an experimental system that had been custom built for starfighters based off of a protocol droid’s neural net (specifically the Model 88 Series). The experiment was quickly abandoned, but Sa’Mi tinkered with it, and eventually installed it in his own ship. Price: 6,400 cr. EP: 0
  • INT: 16, CHA 12, WIS 14
  • Personalized Controls (S&V, pg. 60): The pilot controls have been tuned to perfectly suit Sa’Mi, giving him a +1 to Pilot checks. Any others who attempt to pilot the Humble are at a -2 due to the level of personalization. Cost: 1,000 cr, EP: 0
  • Slave Circuits, Basic (SHIPS, pg. 51): Reduces the number of required crew to 1. Cost: 1,000 base. EP: 1
  • Bio:

    It was designed by MandalMotors specifically for sale to planets, corporations, and private organizations (or criminal fleets). Officially an update of the G1-M4-C Dunelizard fighter, the Kimogila fighter was much more robust and heavier, and violated Imperial policy regarding military vessels sold to civilians. Fortunately, at the time of its design, the Empire did not consider snub fighters a serious threat, and so long as the correct procedures were followed (bribes), the transgression was overlooked.

    This specific Kimogila Heavy Fighter was bought by Incom Industries’ R&D department for use in test runs against prototype fighters. As such, it was put through a series of rigorous tests, and in many times actually performed better than the ships being tested, much to the chagrin of the engineers.

    After the X-Wing team left Incom, along with the X-Wing itself, the remaining testers decided to stop using the Kimogila as a comparison, opting for a lighter fighter that might make their own tests seem a bit more favorable to their Imperial overseers.

    Sa’Mi, an engineer and designer at Incom, didn’t have the same qualms as the rest of the engineers. Watching the tests day after day, and seeing the ship blown to hell time and again and still able to give as good as it got, well, needless to say he was impressed. So he saw that the ship was mothballed in a storage bay that he had easy access to, and with the help of his astromech droid Artie, saw to rebuilding it and modifying it to fit his own small frame.

    Eventually, he even decided to install another failed piece of Incom R&D technology: an 88-Series verbobrain modified for use in starfighters. Chosen for its high intelligence, and its ability to analyze a situation with unerring accuracy, it was thought that adding a droid brain to fighters instead of having to use an Astromech would save money and space in future fighters. While a good idea in theory, it left much to be desired, and was designated as not worth pursuing. So once again, Sa’Mi picked up what others thought to be junk, and made something he considered wonderful out of it.

    He had intended for it to be little more than a side project to work on in his off hours, something to keep him occupied. Luckily for him, the ship, complete with its own personality and refitted cockpit, was ready to fly when the Imperial presence at Incom began to crack down even further.

    Rumors swirled about the engineering staff of massive layoffs, in-depth investigations, and possible arrests of suspected rebel sympathizers. Sa’Mi may have been somewhat naive about the universe around him, but he knew that when it came to arrests by the Empire, the non-humans would be amongst the first to go. This was his time to leave.

    So with Artie he confided with the newly dubbed “Humble” (named because of the ship’s reserved and polite personality, despite its death-dealing abilities), and the three of them devised a plan to escape the Empire and strike out on their own.

    Humble, while young, is a loyal and true friend to Sa’Mi and Artie, even if the two droids do quarrel at times. Humble has seen the three of them through battles against impossible odds, and seen them home safely, wherever home may be.


    Starhounds Dholcrist