A modified Y-Wing


Name: Long-Shot
Class: Starfighter
Size: Gargantuan
S. Mod.: -5
Senses: 5

Reflex: 17
F.F.: 13
Threshold: 21

Speed: max velocity 1000 km/m, fly 4 squares (S.S. scale)
Fighting Space: 4×4 or 1 sq.
Cover: Total (crew) +5 Atstromech
Grapple: 20

STR: 42 (16)
DEX: 18 (
Con: -
INT: 20 (+5)

Crew: 2 w/Astromech
Passengers: none
Cargo: 110 Kg.
Consumables: 1 month
Carried Craft: none
Hyperdrive: x1 (x12 backup), navicomputer
Payload: 8 proton torpedoes
Availability: Military

Weapon Systems:
Laser Cannons, Atk: 13, DMG: 4D10+4(2)
Ion Cannons: ATK: 13, DMG: 4D10+4(2)
Proton Torpedoes, ATK: 13, DMG: 9D10+4(2)


Found aboard the old Midnight Star with BarkBark dead in its cockpit, Dorn repaired the problems the Y-Wing was malfunctioning over. Then, barely able to take off he continued to fly it amongst a space battle armed with dated laser cannons and no shields. All of which went spectacularly, surprisingly. Dorn’s sense of opportunity paid off.

Deciding to keep the rubbish ship for parts, or even later for a modification into a Ranged Y-Wing recon vehicle, or for just an extra ship should something go wrong Dorn stashed it in hangar 2 of the Gun and Grave. And there the Long-Shot sits as the bulk floats through space – quiet whistles to accompany it from lone strangers in the night. Only visiting the ship to spit shine it Quinn mainly leaves the greasing to Sa’Mi and Dorn.

The Y-Wing really has shit for networking – flash frozen cords and burned out accelerators. It’s whole system will need gutting and re-modifying, but for now the ship makes an honest distraction to the dull life outer space often times presents, when it’s not trying to kill you. Even after long Sabacc nights where Quinn takes all the winnings, even all of the time it seems, there is always something to go and check out in hangar 2.


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