Midnight Star I

a modified Corellian Corvette


Modified to carry a single wing of fighters in a central cargo hold / docking bay, the Star was conceived as a mobile starfighter staging ground. Before seeing action in several wars as a mercenary vessel, it mysteriously came into the possession of the singular Quinn Corvin.

After several years of successful pirating, pillaging and ne’er do-well’ing, the Midnight Star came to a tragic end, though the details remain sketchy at best. What is clear is that the ship had recently attacked a small convoy and taken on it’s cargo. When the ship was suddenly attacked in a vicious ambush, the crew was forced to abandon but sent the Midnight Star into a wild, random hyperspace jump to throw off pursuers. Afterwards, Quinn Corvin and Dorn B’Din took up administrative duties at a space station before that, too, met a tragic end.

Midnight Star I

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