The Intrepid Star


The ship captained by Bimko Loditz and crewed by Ky Sunsetter and Isstatha the Wookiee.

The Sienar Fleet Systems Deep Space Scout Ship is a model of practical modular design. The ship is, essentially, a single long tube which can be outfitted to the client’s specifications. Since most of these ships enter service in the Imperial fleet, they are often shipped in spartan condition and then modified based on the service requirements. This can range from additional armament and improved scanners in the case of a Force Recon deployment, advanced environmental controls and cordoned-off cargo bays for long-haul transportation, or swoop racks and jump seats for advanced troop deployment.

This particular Scout was unmodified at the time of its … acquisition. As such, the ship features four forward crew quarters (which each have a single bunk and personal effects of the crew at this time, but can easily be converted into double or even quad bunks), and little else. There is a single retractable stairwell near the rear of the crew quarters that provides ventral ingress/egress.

The vast majority of the ship is a large, open cargo hold with evenly space supports. These supports can be used to fasten walls to at a later time, creating whatever space is needed. There are two cargo lifts at the rear of the bay which lower and raise with controls mounted on a kiosk on the lift itself. They are operated independently.

In the rear of the ship is tidy but cramped engineering crawlspace which allows access to the hyperdrive, main outboard thrusters and auxiliary rear thrusters. Like everything else in the ship, everything is nearly laid out without frills. A good mechanic would be driven crazy by the lack of creative options presented.

The armament of the ship is, similarly, sparse. There are only two forward blasters, although the ship has the power capabilities and hull flexibility to mount additional armament of nearly any conceivable type including missile tubes, blaster turrets and tractor beams.

While many of the Sienar Deep Scout’s end up in the hands of the Empire, some are distributed to their civilian fleet. Typically these come with more creature comforts and generally feature fewer high-performance features. In this respect, while it is unlikely that possession of such a ship would cause outright suspicion, any one who has spent time on the assembly line or outfitted these craft for military or civilian use might consider just how a being might come by such a pristine, unmodified craft through legal means.


The Intrepid Star

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