Storm Cannon Countermeasure

a stolen item from Point Vendaxa, developed by Moff Keer


Any ion attacks within six squares of the ship with the boom with arc towards the boom, striking it if possible. Storm Cannon attacks always strike the boom. Damage is rolled normally and the arc bounces off in a random direction, determine by a d6 roll:

1 – fore
2 – starboard
3 – aft
4 – port
5 – relative “up”
6 – relative “down”

The ship with the boom takes no damage but full damage (and arc effects) are taken by the craft that does soak up the bolt. On a Storm Cannon Roll of natural 20, the Firkaan crystal core is damaged. Apply 1/2 of the ion damage to the Core:

Firkaan Crystal Core
HP – 120
DR – 10
Threshold – 15

Unlike other threshold, when the Core’s threshold is breached, the chance of damage increases. Each time the threshold is breached, increase the range ofthe natural roll needed to harm the crystal by one (so 20, 19-20, 18-20, 17-20, et al.). The Core can only be healed by adding new crystals to its structure, require cast amounts of time and money.


A retractable ship-mounted boom, with a larger cylindrical base which houses a cluster of Firkaan Crystals. These ion-charge crystals produce a field around the boom that collects ion energy and disperses it. In the case of the Storm Cannon, the charge is so immense that it actually arcs off of the boom and into an unpredictable direction. The crystal core is delicate and can be shattered if it sustains too much damage.

The boom was developed my Moff Keer, shortly after he learned of Vyr’s rogue status.

Storm Cannon Countermeasure

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