Episode 13

Summary: Part IV of the 24-hour game-a-thon! The heroes meet with Madine, this time on board the Home One. Their mission to Sullust is crucial and Madine has a plan: the rebels are beginning a “large-scale” operation against the Empire and need to draw forces away. As a result, they need to stage a diversion at a crucial Imperial base – Sullust fits that bill. Madine promises to organize a ruse at Sullust, where the heroes will be asked to slip in during the assault and take down the Temple. There will be no back-up, no rescue. Using an Imperial shuttle, the heroes arrive in the middle of a space battle and land / crash near the temple. Once inside they battled Dark Jedi, Royal Guards, Prophets and Shadow Guards. The temple began to collapse and fill with molten lava, with the heroes diving out of a window and plummeting into the city. They were rescued by two X-wings before sending the Gun and Grave towards the Rebel rally point – Endor.

XP: 5000?

Rewards: Three Kalidor Crescents, awarded to Sa’mi, Dorn and Quinn for their efforts. This is effectively official “hero status” for anyone in the Rebel Alliance.

Important Notes: Took place in the battle of Sullust! They partied on Endor! While taking part in the “fleet massing near Sullust,” the heroes struck a MAJOR blow to the Empire. With the Emperor dead and the Secret Order exposed to the Rebels, this one-two punch will cripple the mighty Empire. The heroes are, well, Heroes of the Alliance now. What they choose to do with that is up to them! One important note: the heroes have exposed themselves to the Secret Order. No mere bounty will suffice (although the Empire will certainly put one out for the G&G). The heroes should know they will be actively hunted by Imperial Forces as significant outlaw threats from here on out.

Episode 12

Summary: Part III of the 24-hour game. The crew dispatched some Mandalorians and a powerful battle droid left as a test for them, then met with Cordanis – a female Mandalorian who controlled a vast array of forces and who bears the title Mandalore the Vindicator. She informed them of the meaning behind the two symbols: the pin-wheel is the mark of the Secret Order of the Empire, a coalition of powerful beings who control galactic politics behind the scenes. Cordanis and Vyr were members in the early days – Vyr because of his need for Order and hatred of the Jedi, and Cordanis because she was a member of the Mandalorian warriors who aligned themselves with Palpatine. During the Clone Wars, the Mandalorians set upon one another and were destroyed from within. She took over leadership and remained aligned with the Empire but has sought to unite her people and now wants to pull away and leave the Empire. She will sell out the Secret Order if the heroes can take down her rival – the owner of the other symbol – a man called Dymos, who calls himself Mandalore the Vanquisher. The heroes travel to Malastare, infiltrate his mountain base, destroy his drug operations and execute him and his men. The heroes are rewarded with the location of a Secret Order Temple on Sullust.

XP: 5000?


Important Notes: The heroes liberated a Dug slave named Sargento who remains on the Grave. They also made contact with a Janahar Hutt called Barro, who helped the heroes by telling them about Sargento. He was impressed with their skill at dispatching Dymos. Thus the heroes have gained further influence within the Janahar Hutt Clan.

Episode 11

Summary: Part II of the 24-hour game had the heroes traveling to the industrial nightmare of Eriadu. They made contact with a Mandalorian named Varn, who was willing to help them – if they could prove their beliefs and actions aligned with the Mandalorians. He sent them to a armorer, Majento, who tasked them with recovering a ship from an Imperial impound. Smugglers bringing supplies into the colony (mostly weapons and illegal mods for their armor) had been caught but the cargo had not been discovered. The heroes broke into the facility, stole the ship, blew the place to pieces and navigated through the trenches of the city back to a hidden garage. This gained them enough respect with Varn that he passed on the location and means to contact Cordanis in orbit above the planet. There, in a massive orbiting dry-dock, the heroes came face to face with the Crescent Ship, now identified as the Vindicator.

XP: 4500 (again, I’m not sure)

Important Notes: The heroes are now known to several high-ranking Mandalorians of Cordanis’ faction. Should they ever return to Eriadu they will be well met. Mandalorian Warriors who are associate with Cordanis or have heard the tale of their suicide-mission to steal back a ship from impound will treat them with respect.

Episode 10

Summary: Part I of the 24-hour gameathon, the heroes were met by a contact of Madine’s while onboard Waystay 1. Meeting with Madine they were given a mission to track down the Void Ranger, an alliance vessel that had vallen victim to mutiny. An escaping A-wing managed to capture some audio which indicated that the mutineers had executed some of the Rebels in retribution for Vyr’s death. After attempting to gain access to a room where they believed the remaining Rebels to be kept, and surviving numerous booby-traps left by the mutineers, the heroes found a room of slaughtered men and women with a massive symbol painted in blood on the floor. Traveling back to the Resilience, they debriefed with Madine. Determining that the symbol was Mandalorian. A similar Mandalorian symbol adorned the mysterious crescent-shaped ship that came to the aid of Banis Vyr during the Battle of Onderon. The heroes head to Eriadu where a large Mandalorian colony may be able to answer some questions.

XP: 4500 (I think?)

Rewards: Cash from the sale of captured goods, thermite recovered from traps

Important Notes: The heroes recovered rifles and other supplies from the Ranger which they sold back to Madine. This paves the way for similar transactions – items gathered in the field can be sold to the Rebels more-or-less at cost, with extra credits paid for rare or Imperial goods. The heroes also learned that a group of Mandalorians was somehow involved with Vyr, and that their ship bore two symbols: a similar but still unique Mandalorian symbol form the one found on the Ranger, a second pinwheel-shaped sign that Vyr bore on his armor.

Interlude II, Part II: Canter Janis
Conversations with Dead People

‘What does this one do?’
Canter looked up from what he was doing. ‘What?’
‘This one, what does it do?’ Quinn was looking into a small phial of pale, blue liquid with a wonder in his eyes rarely seen.
Canter shook his head. ‘Umm, I think that is a septinium catalyzer; it helps clot calamari blood without damaging the membrane under the exoskeleton.’ He went back to his work.
‘Is it worth anything?’
Again Canter paused. ‘No, it’s a very common serum.’
‘What if I had a crate?’
‘That might be worth something like 1,000 credits on a legitimate market.’
‘Oh, fuck that.’
He went back to the task at hand, only to be interrupted by the phial smashing to the floor.
Canter closed his eyes, waited until everything was absolutely still, then began the delicate procedure anew.
‘What about this one?’

Interlude II, Part I: Crix Madine
The Devil's Hands

Crix Madine jammed a crooked cigar between his lips and touched the end to the ignition patch on his glove. The end of the stick went up in a red flame as smoke spilled from his nostrils, and he leaned back against the pristine hallways of the Reliance taking a long, slow drag. 
He really hated these things. 

It wasn’t that he hated the Alliance High Command, nothing was farther from the truth, or even that he hated the bureaucracy of rebellion; entities like the Alliance spanned the entire civilized galaxy, and with the holonet restricted it took a strong, steady leadership to keep the fractured islands of resistance together. What Madine hated about meetings like this was the waiting to see if they were going to yell at him, or give him a medal. He hated waiting to find out because in the end, the results were usually the same.

Interlude, Part I

“Abandon Ship!”

Quinn shouted above the chaos of the Emissary’s bridge. Behind him, rebel SpecForce marines sought to keep the bridge crew subdued, jamming the rifle-points into the technicians’ cheeks. On either side of Quinn were the blown up-remains of the crew pits, where officers and navy specialists were busy working away mere moments ago. Sa’Mi frantically typed away at a partially-destroyed command console, hit tiny claws clacking on the keys in a staccato rhythm.

Moff Keer Interrogation Transcript

Subject: Moff Arianus Ben-Joser Keer
Location Info: Alliance Cruiser Resilience (A4-1)
Interviewer: Colonel Xender Franaal
Interviewers Notes: Moff Keer was completely taciturn upon his extrication to the Resilience, however upon meeting his request of a cup of tea, he has opened up some. He seems ready to talk. Perhaps its his age, but I think not. He dodges questions about Imperial operations in the Brak Sector but is very forthcoming with details about Brimstone. Transcript follows.

Dial S for Sa'Mi: Part 3
Going Shopping

We wandered the walkways of Gallidion, weaving from one starscraper to the next in search of, well, anything really. Clues I think was the primary goal, but we really didn’t have a strong case so far. I suppose I had been a little enthusiastic when we had found the shell from the slug thrower. I mean, how many slug throwers could be found on a little world like Gallidion IV?

Episode 9
Fire & Brimstone

Summary: The heroes return to the Rebel Fleet to question Moff Keer and sort the intelligence they’ve gathered on the Emissary. They learn enough to launch an attack against the Emissary and Banis Vyr while in orbit above Onderon. After a collision between the Gun and Grave and the Emissary, both ships fall to the planet below, assumed lost.

XP: 9600 (3200): Defeated Banis Vyr (2000), Defeated his officer (1000), Killed Stormies x2 (600), Planned Boarding and Countermeasure (600), Completed Arc II (2000), Successful Interrogation of Moff Keer (1200), Good Roleplaying Throughout Prologue, Main Game and Epilogue (1200), Thanks for letting me take a break (1000)

Rewards: Modified Gun and Grave with Emissary Parts (see Items), Banis Vyr’s Armor to use as you see fit (see Items), Cybernetic Eye for Quinn (see Items), possible cybernetics for Sa’Mi and Dorn?, Firkraan Crystals worth 325,000 credits.

Important Notes: Moff Keer made a deal with the Rebels and spilled some information on Vyr. The heroes killed Banis Vyr and crashed on Onderon, using parts from both the Gun and Grave and the Emissary to make a new ship. During the battle, a mysterious crescent-shaped ship arrived and seemed to aide the Emissary.


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