Episode 8
Point Vendaxa

Summary: The heroes receive a dangerous mission from the Rebel Alliance – but one that could lead them to the truth behind the Emissary. They attack a colony on Vendaxa where an Imperial Moff has successfully repelled a Brimstone attack. They infiltrate the colony, get their men in place and successful take both the base and the orbital bombardment platform that orbits it.

XP: 6100 (3050 ea.) Defeated Aklay (2000), Captured Colony (2000), RP during the Intro (500), Good Roleplaying (1000), Several Stormtroopers Killed (600)

Rewards: Reputation with the Rebel Alliance cemented, Intel on the Emissary and a counter measure against the Storm Cannon, 50% off the cost of one upgrade to any of the starfighters (1 per character), access to Alliance Priority transmission codes (for sending coded messages to and from Alliance vessels, DC35 Encryption)

Important Notes: The heroes have proven themselves to the Rebels – they were effectively Intelligence agents leading a team of Rebel commandos into a raid on an Imperial base. Their success in both taking the base and facilitating the capture of Moff Keer means that the Rebels will turn to them more and more for work. This may have the negative effect of the heroes being branded as Rebels by the greater galactic community.

Dial S for Sa'Mi: Part 2
The Plot Thickens

Well, as you could probably guess, that threw me somewhat through a loop. And I don’t mean any standard mass produced loop. I mean an industrial sized, durasteel loop with plasma shooting out of it.

“C-C-C-C-Corvin?!” I exclaimed, clamping the filthy hat down over my eyes in an attempt to hide my surprise.

“That’s right, my husband’s name is Quinn. He’s a sharship captain,” she smiled, apparently oblivious to the shock that was lighting up my face like a fusion cutter in deep space. “I was always so proud of him, galavanting across the galaxy from port to port, meeting such interesting people…” she trailed off for a moment, a wistful look on her face.
“Quinn Corvin?” I asked, trying to stay composed.

Episode 7
Shield of the Rebellion

Summary: The heroes journey to Tierfon in search of Bel Davro’s contact, a man called Rhell Falon, Wing Commander of Tierfon Base. They agreed to take a job to travel to an Imperial outpost posing as civilians delivering supplies. Once they, the base was attacked by the Emissary. The heroes gathered intel and got out in one piece. The adventure ended with Rhell providing the Alliance Command Fleet location to the heroes.

XP: 9500 (3200 each): Infiltration (1100), Base Destroyed & Intel Gathered (2100), Good RP in solo sessions (1500), Two Darktroopers Phase II (3200), Successful Attack on Emissary (750), Investigation into Emissary (750)

Rewards: Comm Jammer purchased & installed into Gun & Grave, an offer from Shandala, an offer from the Rebel Alliance

Important Notes: B-250 seemed to remember his former mission and master briefly, Bel Davro was killed but not before passing on some knowledge to Dorn, the Emissary attacks Imperials, the history of Brimstone & Banis Vyr revealed … look, a lot went down, okay?

Episode 6
The Twin Sun Tango

Summary: The heroes attempt to lay low on Tatooine between running from Imperials and dodging CorSec. Unfortunately, they arrived in time for the Charn Festival – a rare event that happens only once every three years. Every major Hutt was in attendance and the heroes were hired by Grey to protect Shandala. At the yacht party for the blooming, the Besadii Hutts attacked – then a herd of Krayt Dragons appeared! The heroes made it out and manage to save Shandala’s life.

XP: 5000 each

Rewards: 2500 Credits to Quinn & Dorn for protecting Shandala, Jejero the Gamorrean (slave), Shandala’s Spacer’s Chest (containing 10,000 credits, a Penthouse on Ando Prime and access to a suite of rooms anytime at Gorba’s palace on Nar Shadaa)

Important Notes: Shandala is deeply indebted to the heroes. They will always have work available and accommodations made for them. The legend of the crew piloting a burning yacht through a fleet of Hutt-hired tanks while being chased by Krayt Dragons will spread quickly among those in attendance. Dorn threw a grenade into the mouth of a Krayt Dragon he hence-forth calls “Badbreath.” Dorn also managed to freeze four of the Charn buds before they bloomed.

Episode 5

Summary: Taking a job for the Bothan SpyNet, the Gun & Grave travels to Corellia where a recently-killed mafia boss has left behind a data cache. The Spynet, and four rival mobs all want the data, but to get it, someone has to break into the datacenter where it is stored and physically remove the server. Luckily, the heroes specialize in suicide missions.

XP: 10400 (5200 each) – Good Roleplaying 1000, Finished the Job 4000, CorSec Officers 1200 (300×4), CorSec X-Wings 3000 (1500×2), Mafia Goons 1200 (200×6 [4 killed, 1 tracked, 1 spied on])

Rewards: 50,000 Credits + Conversion of Aurodium Ignots into Credits (less 15%, leaving 1,275,000 credits from Episode 4 converted)

Important Notes: The Corellian Underworld is thrown into disarray since none of them got the data they wanted. It’s now open war on the streets of Coronet City. Meanwhile, the heroes have strengthened their ties with the SpyNet who were grateful for the information stored on the server. The heroes were not positively ID’d by CorSec, but decided to head to Tatooine to lay low for a little while, spend some of their cash and make modifications to the ship. During this adventure, Dorn was not present, having been dropped off on Gelgelar Freeport. There was some concern that the amount of narcotics he had might be an issue in the Core. Dorn probably spent his time fixing up the Longshot and trying to establish some contacts to start moving the drugs he bought on Ando Prime.

Sa'Mi: Dial S for Sa'Mi
Part I

I don’t know how it ever got this far. Here I was, three feet nothing when I’m wearing my work boots, my hands gripping the steering controls to an airspeeder that I didn’t own screaming between the starscrapers of a world I didn’t even know had existed a cycle ago. Blood bubbled out of the gaping hole in my left shoulder, like oil from a punctured fuel manifold. I didn’t know how long I was going to be able to stay conscious, I just knew that it wasn’t going to be long enough.

Quinn, Season 2 Prelude
Women we love for what they are, men for what they promise to be.

Calling Sylar’s Pub ‘posh’ was one of the great understatements lost in translation between the human and bothan species.
The entrance was like a castle, housing two ebony doors with thick, heavy duraline glass that held gently falling leaves carved with lasers deep at it’s center. Passing a scented foyer with thick Cruscan rugs and soft, lilting music from a bony wyharp played by a zeltron brought one into an expansive main floor that drank the natural daylight from huge, sloping windows that tinted enough that you didn’t have to squint, but you could still keep your expensive shades on if you wanted to.
Most of the sentients in the room did.


Sarn walked down the familiar stone path that lead from the plains to the village. His fingers flicked across a datapad and the repulsor-droid behind him corrected its course, bobbing along behind him. Lashed to the droid’s flat container-top were great bushels of reeds and grass – the humble bounty of Leronhol. The sun was setting, and everything from the wide grassy plains to the sprawling simple village buildings were awash in oranges and purples. Here and there, electronic lights were coming to life to light the coming night.

Ghost Story

Dorn was in the small office behind the bridge aboard The Gun and Grave. The room was littered with tilted pictures on the walls, uncleaned dishes propped in different places, and half read magazines tossed about. A messy place, but he lay kicked back on the drink stained couch, trying to sleep.

The door to the room slid open with little more than a hiss. Dorn didn’t open his eyes to see who it was. His arms stayed crossed over his chest, with the right lekku limb hanging over his eyes, and the other wrapped around his left arm.

Quinn’s voice was loud and obnoxious to the semi-sleeper, “Here it is! How did it get here!”

Interlude Part III of III

Quinn was leaning back in a booth in side Bar Shaddaa, gently tapping a cred chip on the table to pass the time.
Every so often, a droid would refill the thin beer he was sipping, and the mostly empty room would flash and dance with color from the dying lights in the ceiling.
He had shaved his beard, and his hair was now a brutal shock of white, moused and molded into a cartoonish explosion atop his head.
He had left the ship in his long trench coat with a high collar made of supple flak leather, and taken a long rout to get to the Corellian sector.
‘Mr. Rand?’ came a voice from behind him.
Glancing up, Quinn saw a bothan and a human male nervously looking around.
‘That’s me; have a seat, gentleman.’


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