Interlude II, Part II: Canter Janis
Conversations with Dead People

‘What does this one do?’
Canter looked up from what he was doing. ‘What?’
‘This one, what does it do?’ Quinn was looking into a small phial of pale, blue liquid with a wonder in his eyes rarely seen.
Canter shook his head. ‘Umm, I think that is a septinium catalyzer; it helps clot calamari blood without damaging the membrane under the exoskeleton.’ He went back to his work.
‘Is it worth anything?’
Again Canter paused. ‘No, it’s a very common serum.’
‘What if I had a crate?’
‘That might be worth something like 1,000 credits on a legitimate market.’
‘Oh, fuck that.’
He went back to the task at hand, only to be interrupted by the phial smashing to the floor.
Canter closed his eyes, waited until everything was absolutely still, then began the delicate procedure anew.
‘What about this one?’

Interlude II, Part I: Crix Madine
The Devil's Hands

Crix Madine jammed a crooked cigar between his lips and touched the end to the ignition patch on his glove. The end of the stick went up in a red flame as smoke spilled from his nostrils, and he leaned back against the pristine hallways of the Reliance taking a long, slow drag. 
He really hated these things. 

It wasn’t that he hated the Alliance High Command, nothing was farther from the truth, or even that he hated the bureaucracy of rebellion; entities like the Alliance spanned the entire civilized galaxy, and with the holonet restricted it took a strong, steady leadership to keep the fractured islands of resistance together. What Madine hated about meetings like this was the waiting to see if they were going to yell at him, or give him a medal. He hated waiting to find out because in the end, the results were usually the same.

Interlude, Part I

“Abandon Ship!”

Quinn shouted above the chaos of the Emissary’s bridge. Behind him, rebel SpecForce marines sought to keep the bridge crew subdued, jamming the rifle-points into the technicians’ cheeks. On either side of Quinn were the blown up-remains of the crew pits, where officers and navy specialists were busy working away mere moments ago. Sa’Mi frantically typed away at a partially-destroyed command console, hit tiny claws clacking on the keys in a staccato rhythm.

Moff Keer Interrogation Transcript

Subject: Moff Arianus Ben-Joser Keer
Location Info: Alliance Cruiser Resilience (A4-1)
Interviewer: Colonel Xender Franaal
Interviewers Notes: Moff Keer was completely taciturn upon his extrication to the Resilience, however upon meeting his request of a cup of tea, he has opened up some. He seems ready to talk. Perhaps its his age, but I think not. He dodges questions about Imperial operations in the Brak Sector but is very forthcoming with details about Brimstone. Transcript follows.

Dial S for Sa'Mi: Part 3
Going Shopping

We wandered the walkways of Gallidion, weaving from one starscraper to the next in search of, well, anything really. Clues I think was the primary goal, but we really didn’t have a strong case so far. I suppose I had been a little enthusiastic when we had found the shell from the slug thrower. I mean, how many slug throwers could be found on a little world like Gallidion IV?

Episode 9
Fire & Brimstone

Summary: The heroes return to the Rebel Fleet to question Moff Keer and sort the intelligence they’ve gathered on the Emissary. They learn enough to launch an attack against the Emissary and Banis Vyr while in orbit above Onderon. After a collision between the Gun and Grave and the Emissary, both ships fall to the planet below, assumed lost.

XP: 9600 (3200): Defeated Banis Vyr (2000), Defeated his officer (1000), Killed Stormies x2 (600), Planned Boarding and Countermeasure (600), Completed Arc II (2000), Successful Interrogation of Moff Keer (1200), Good Roleplaying Throughout Prologue, Main Game and Epilogue (1200), Thanks for letting me take a break (1000)

Rewards: Modified Gun and Grave with Emissary Parts (see Items), Banis Vyr’s Armor to use as you see fit (see Items), Cybernetic Eye for Quinn (see Items), possible cybernetics for Sa’Mi and Dorn?, Firkraan Crystals worth 325,000 credits.

Important Notes: Moff Keer made a deal with the Rebels and spilled some information on Vyr. The heroes killed Banis Vyr and crashed on Onderon, using parts from both the Gun and Grave and the Emissary to make a new ship. During the battle, a mysterious crescent-shaped ship arrived and seemed to aide the Emissary.

Episode 8
Point Vendaxa

Summary: The heroes receive a dangerous mission from the Rebel Alliance – but one that could lead them to the truth behind the Emissary. They attack a colony on Vendaxa where an Imperial Moff has successfully repelled a Brimstone attack. They infiltrate the colony, get their men in place and successful take both the base and the orbital bombardment platform that orbits it.

XP: 6100 (3050 ea.) Defeated Aklay (2000), Captured Colony (2000), RP during the Intro (500), Good Roleplaying (1000), Several Stormtroopers Killed (600)

Rewards: Reputation with the Rebel Alliance cemented, Intel on the Emissary and a counter measure against the Storm Cannon, 50% off the cost of one upgrade to any of the starfighters (1 per character), access to Alliance Priority transmission codes (for sending coded messages to and from Alliance vessels, DC35 Encryption)

Important Notes: The heroes have proven themselves to the Rebels – they were effectively Intelligence agents leading a team of Rebel commandos into a raid on an Imperial base. Their success in both taking the base and facilitating the capture of Moff Keer means that the Rebels will turn to them more and more for work. This may have the negative effect of the heroes being branded as Rebels by the greater galactic community.

Dial S for Sa'Mi: Part 2
The Plot Thickens

Well, as you could probably guess, that threw me somewhat through a loop. And I don’t mean any standard mass produced loop. I mean an industrial sized, durasteel loop with plasma shooting out of it.

“C-C-C-C-Corvin?!” I exclaimed, clamping the filthy hat down over my eyes in an attempt to hide my surprise.

“That’s right, my husband’s name is Quinn. He’s a sharship captain,” she smiled, apparently oblivious to the shock that was lighting up my face like a fusion cutter in deep space. “I was always so proud of him, galavanting across the galaxy from port to port, meeting such interesting people…” she trailed off for a moment, a wistful look on her face.
“Quinn Corvin?” I asked, trying to stay composed.

Episode 7
Shield of the Rebellion

Summary: The heroes journey to Tierfon in search of Bel Davro’s contact, a man called Rhell Falon, Wing Commander of Tierfon Base. They agreed to take a job to travel to an Imperial outpost posing as civilians delivering supplies. Once they, the base was attacked by the Emissary. The heroes gathered intel and got out in one piece. The adventure ended with Rhell providing the Alliance Command Fleet location to the heroes.

XP: 9500 (3200 each): Infiltration (1100), Base Destroyed & Intel Gathered (2100), Good RP in solo sessions (1500), Two Darktroopers Phase II (3200), Successful Attack on Emissary (750), Investigation into Emissary (750)

Rewards: Comm Jammer purchased & installed into Gun & Grave, an offer from Shandala, an offer from the Rebel Alliance

Important Notes: B-250 seemed to remember his former mission and master briefly, Bel Davro was killed but not before passing on some knowledge to Dorn, the Emissary attacks Imperials, the history of Brimstone & Banis Vyr revealed … look, a lot went down, okay?

Episode 6
The Twin Sun Tango

Summary: The heroes attempt to lay low on Tatooine between running from Imperials and dodging CorSec. Unfortunately, they arrived in time for the Charn Festival – a rare event that happens only once every three years. Every major Hutt was in attendance and the heroes were hired by Grey to protect Shandala. At the yacht party for the blooming, the Besadii Hutts attacked – then a herd of Krayt Dragons appeared! The heroes made it out and manage to save Shandala’s life.

XP: 5000 each

Rewards: 2500 Credits to Quinn & Dorn for protecting Shandala, Jejero the Gamorrean (slave), Shandala’s Spacer’s Chest (containing 10,000 credits, a Penthouse on Ando Prime and access to a suite of rooms anytime at Gorba’s palace on Nar Shadaa)

Important Notes: Shandala is deeply indebted to the heroes. They will always have work available and accommodations made for them. The legend of the crew piloting a burning yacht through a fleet of Hutt-hired tanks while being chased by Krayt Dragons will spread quickly among those in attendance. Dorn threw a grenade into the mouth of a Krayt Dragon he hence-forth calls “Badbreath.” Dorn also managed to freeze four of the Charn buds before they bloomed.


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