Episode 1
Down & Out in Huttspace

Summary: The game began on Nar Shaddaa, where the heroes met and were given a proposition by B-250. After stealing a ship, they headed to Gelgelar Freeport.

XP: 6700 (3350 each) [12 smuggler goons (4800), 1 smuggler captain (900), 1 Preybird Fighter (1000) lots of good roleplaying (1000)]

Rewards: Modified Mobeq Yards Q4 cargo hauler, 12000 credits (for sale of old ship).

Important Notes: Mako won’t forget who stole his ship, but he is a local loanshark with little power beyond the Smuggler’s Moon. The stolen ship has several incomplete of malfunctioning systems – the senors are wonky, and it’s missing one of its stabilizers. The cargo pods are not shielded from sensor sweeps.

Episode 2
Stick in the Mud

Summary: Coming into the Gelgelar System, the character got caught up in a battle between to rival dock bosses, tried to rescue some Imperials and ended up making an arms sale.

XP: 7200/3 = 2400 each (10×200 Scout Troopers, 1×1000 Imperial Officer, 1×200 AT-ST driver, 1600 × 1 AT-ST, 1200 x Completion of BoSS Doucments / 600 x Exploration: Gelgelar Freeport / 600 x Good Roleplaying)

Rewards: 11,000 Credits for the sale of stolen imperial goods to Sleerog Fenn, 2 Imperial Speeder Bikes, 2kg of Detonite, Forged BoSS Documents (Transponder Codes [Gun&Grave], Captain’s Accredited License [Quinn Corvinn], and Arms Load Out Permit)

Important Notes: The heroes got their documents from Loro Ecls, but were unable to complete his salvage quest. Meanwhile, they captured the Imperials and delivered them back to Ecls and his family. Sleerog didn’t get what he want, but he did get a big cache of Imperial weapons and goods. No major contacts were made at Gelgelar, but no one’s life was truly disrupted. A familiarity with local politics and the main citizens of the port could be valuable later when looking for a place to lay low.

Episode 3

Summary: On the cold world of Ando Prime, the heroes took a dangerous job with a Hutt – rigging a podrace! When they were able to pull the job off without a hitch, they were rewarded with the exact coordinates of the Midnight Star’s final resting place.

XP: 2400 Taylor & Sean, 1200 Billy

Rewards: x10 payouts from bets on the Pod Race

Important Notes: Shandala was deeply impressed with the hero’s work – they’ve earned a powerful contact in the Janahar Hutt Clan. Meanwhile, Sa’Mi made contact with the Bendu monks and agreed to help them stop the Ybarin Corporation from demolishing one of their holy sites.

Episode 4
Rest in Peace

Summary: The heroes reached the Midnight Star, deep in an asteroid field in the Ando system. They got aboard the ship and recovered the cargo, including B-250’s box, Suddenly, they were attacked by Imperial Special Forces. Barely fleeing a powerful experimental Imperial capital ship, the heroes met with B-250’s “master” – a powerful member of the Rebel Alliance.

XP: 15000 (5000ea.) – 7 Darktroopers (Phase I) 4200, 3 TIE Interceptors 4800, Finished the Job 3000, Scavenged the Y-Wing 2000 , Good Roleplaying 1000

Rewards: Roughly 1,500,000 credits worth Old Republic Stamped Aurodium Ignots, a scavenged Y-Wing

Important Notes: The job was finished and the heroes made contact with a powerful Rebel leader, but an experimental Imperial warship has seen the Gun & Grave and won’t likely forget the ship that got the cargo out from under their nose.

Interlude Part I of III

‘Next.’ The quarren with the eye patch said dryly. He was leaning casually on his scaly fist, looking every part the Hutt enforcer that he was. The smoky haze of the darkened city drifted in on hot currents of air from the starship salvage reactors across the span, and the noise was louder than it should have been on account of aging dampners in the doorway.
The room was brightly lit for Nar Shaddaa, but the grease, the grime, and the stink of the two-dozen bodies crowding it betrayed any notion that maybe you were anywhere but the steel tangle that was the Smugglers Moon.
The sentients were mostly alien, but a few humans speckled the room. Some were tall; others strong and a few had the dark, mysterious faces of vacant men. They were all in various stages of a grand downfall; weapons bristling and armors patching done with little care. Their occupation was a dark one, and while there were plenty of bodies in the room, few of them possessed any semblance of a soul, only the burned out husks of men gone wrong. The quarren looked up from his beaten datapad and shouted.
‘Hey! Next, cmon you wee brained pack of sniveling dogs! Who’s next?!’
The room gets quit and sixty-one cold, dead eyes turn on him. Some finger weapons, a few snarled, and one oozed.

Interlude Part II of III

The cash was heavy in the handbag Staci carried from the Hutt back-office. It’s weight gently rocking against her Telec trousers and loose fitting jacket.
The streets felt safer than the bright interior where Mako was no doubt incinerating Quinn’s corpse.
She had been somewhat surprised at how much anger half the sentients in the room held for Quinn. Sure, he had done them some wrong, and sure he even left some bodies on the road to what he called success, but they had some long fired hate in their souls.
Maybe it was only natural to take their revenge on a corpse that couldn’t feel the pain.
She rounded a corner and stepped into a darkened hangar. It was in the Corellian sector, and it was large, dingy and old.

Interlude Part III of III

Quinn was leaning back in a booth in side Bar Shaddaa, gently tapping a cred chip on the table to pass the time.
Every so often, a droid would refill the thin beer he was sipping, and the mostly empty room would flash and dance with color from the dying lights in the ceiling.
He had shaved his beard, and his hair was now a brutal shock of white, moused and molded into a cartoonish explosion atop his head.
He had left the ship in his long trench coat with a high collar made of supple flak leather, and taken a long rout to get to the Corellian sector.
‘Mr. Rand?’ came a voice from behind him.
Glancing up, Quinn saw a bothan and a human male nervously looking around.
‘That’s me; have a seat, gentleman.’

Ghost Story

Dorn was in the small office behind the bridge aboard The Gun and Grave. The room was littered with tilted pictures on the walls, uncleaned dishes propped in different places, and half read magazines tossed about. A messy place, but he lay kicked back on the drink stained couch, trying to sleep.

The door to the room slid open with little more than a hiss. Dorn didn’t open his eyes to see who it was. His arms stayed crossed over his chest, with the right lekku limb hanging over his eyes, and the other wrapped around his left arm.

Quinn’s voice was loud and obnoxious to the semi-sleeper, “Here it is! How did it get here!”


Sarn walked down the familiar stone path that lead from the plains to the village. His fingers flicked across a datapad and the repulsor-droid behind him corrected its course, bobbing along behind him. Lashed to the droid’s flat container-top were great bushels of reeds and grass – the humble bounty of Leronhol. The sun was setting, and everything from the wide grassy plains to the sprawling simple village buildings were awash in oranges and purples. Here and there, electronic lights were coming to life to light the coming night.

Quinn, Season 2 Prelude
Women we love for what they are, men for what they promise to be.

Calling Sylar’s Pub ‘posh’ was one of the great understatements lost in translation between the human and bothan species.
The entrance was like a castle, housing two ebony doors with thick, heavy duraline glass that held gently falling leaves carved with lasers deep at it’s center. Passing a scented foyer with thick Cruscan rugs and soft, lilting music from a bony wyharp played by a zeltron brought one into an expansive main floor that drank the natural daylight from huge, sloping windows that tinted enough that you didn’t have to squint, but you could still keep your expensive shades on if you wanted to.
Most of the sentients in the room did.


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