The Galaxy is a big place. It’s good to know where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

Keeping a log of your travels is important. I’ve taken the liberty of updated the information below to reflect the astronavigation charts in your ship’s computer. Just dial up any of the systems listed below, and you’ll get a brief explanation of the planet’s major features. As you travel to more systems, they will be added to the database below for your reference.

Feel free to check other sources when it comes to this data. Your experience may be different than other visitors. If you find conflicting information and want to add additional information to an entry, you don’t need my permission. This is your log, so keep it as up to date as you want. Clear skies, spacer.

The Core
- Coruscant
- Corellia

Expansion Region
- Vendaxa

The Mid-Rim
- Ando Prime
- Kallenko
- Eriadu
- Malastare

The Outer Rim
- Nar Shaddaa
- Gelgelar Freeport
- Tatooine
- Tierfon
- Sullust

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