Beyond the Rim - Episode 1


Amid the backdrop of the Outer Rim, the spacestation known as THE WHEEL provides a welcome home to spacers of all ilk. Its unique position of true nuetrality in galactic politics has made it a haven for those wishing to avoid official channels.

A patron of the station, REOM, has reached out to his old business associate Bimko Lo-Tiss, a Duro trader. Roem claims to have learned new information about the legendary treasure ship, the SA NALOAR, lost during the Clone Wars.

With Isstatha the Wookiee and Ky Sunsetter, Bimko Lo-Tiss makes final preperations to board the Wheel for what is sure to be a fortuitous meeting …

The crew of the Intrepid Star arrived on the Wheel expecting to be greeted by Reom. When he didn’t show up, they left to check his shop, where they found four Rodian thugs ransacking the place. Two took off running, pursued by Isstatha while Ky took out on of the goons with a crack shot. The remaining thug in the shop held Reom hostage with a blaster to his head. After taking out on of the fleeing goons with a stun bolt, Bimko rushed into the office and got behind the hostage-taker. A scuffle ensued that ended with Reom, Ky and Bimko all leveling blasters at the Rodian. Outside, Isstatha used his force pike to stun the final Rodian and returned to the shop.

Wheel security arrived and questioned everyone, but on Reom’s recounting the facts, they arrested the Rodian, a member of the Yivar clan, and let the heroes be on their way. Reom invited the heroes to a back office where he went over the facts surrounding the Sa Nalaor, the arrival of IT-3PO that evening with his sister Shira and the location of their meeting place – Raxus Prime.

The heroes purchased a cutting torch and a few stimpacks, and spent some time gathering information about Cholganna, Reom and IsoTech. That evening, Shira similarly didn’t show up and Master-Com warned the heroes about a potential security threat in progress outside their hangar. Outside they found two teams of Yivar Radians with two grav-sleds. One had the droid, the other had Shira. The heroes were able to disable both grav-sleds in the corridor and rescue the two captives. All but one of the Radians survived, rallying their whole crew and some mercenaries to pursue the heroes, who blasted out of the station with IT-3PO without cl



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