The Spice Diaries

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Salutations Holonetter,

I have decided in the past month that I can bring a better idea to science, and thus further the hopes for a better understanding to the public what this “Spice” thing is all about. I’m not any particular professional in a field, but I am an adventurer looking to expand knowledge of a subject. This requires one to be scientific to a degree, but I have a feeling that my feelings will have changed throughout the course of this experimentation. You can find more information here at the main page, Diegesis, and an even more amount of protected copyright information here at another hackers site, that I will slowly try to convert. My main objective here is to point out there is a massive idea behind spice because of the amount of variety behind the spice.


As a way to slim down my documents and make my work faster for me I have included a small legend to some of the terms I use in my research documents.
N: street names, common name
MoI: Method of Ingestion
P: Places commonly found. Origin planets are the production spheres of the galaxy for the particular spice.
L: Lore behind the spice
E: Exposure to Spice, personal objective opinion about spice in context (and some 3rd party information involving constituents whose identities will not be published.)

Another noteworthy element is the derivative of the spice. Certain spices are derivatives of older more organic spices, where a cut has been made and a different element, or even spice has been mixed with the spice. Therefore you will see in the documentation of the names the tag-line that codes the spice as a pure format, or something that has been tampered with.

Morta: This spice is pure and clean. No cut means it should be 100% pure. However, through transport and handling some Mortas can be lowered to even 90% purity.
Pica: This is a spice that has some elements fused to it, most of the time it is a natural element, but it lowers the purity to 80%.
Epso: A spice that has been mostly wiped away for a mass produced product. Elements at this range remain 50%-70% pure if you know what your dealing with.
Joh: A bottom of the barrel product. This is basically your dirty trash spice. The purity can range anywhere between 0%-40%. Spices at this range are sometimes not used for chemical doses, but for more common recreational purposes. Bothans use a derivative of a Joh spice called Ma-Chooki to frizzle out their hair. They essentially rub the powder, as they would call it, onto their fur for a shinier frizzly effect. Kubaz have a Joh spice native to their planet called Monzok, which is used to lubricate the trunks of their face so that they can withstand extended periods of fasting. That spice literally has no other use than for Kubaz for that reason. Therefore I will also elect to leave out a vast amount of Joh spices that unless they have a common medicinal function are not included in my research material.

The last thing about the titles function is the dangerous level of addiction and harm that a certain spice yields at. Here are the keys to those suppositions.

O: No addiction, but can cause overdose. No withdrawal.
E: Addiction, but this spice burns out of the body fast, making overdosing highly unlikely. Withdrawal is Minimal to Typical.
B: Addiction, and can cause overdose. Withdrawal is Typical.
M: Leads to addiction, but the derivative of the spice Ms fall in to are so light overdosing is impossible. Withdrawals range from Minimal to Devastating.
R: Can be addicting, but the amount ingested at any one time usually incapacitates a subject. Unless the subject gets a hook somehow out of the process they should be ok. These spices are usually ingested for ceremonial processes and are thus only used on occasion, making addiction highly unlikely. Withdrawal depends on purity.
X: Addicting. Can easily kill or incapacitate, even at low levels. Withdrawals are Devastating.

Well that’s all for now. Keep your eyes open, and your blaster handy. It is wild out there and I don’t kid. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Go find out for yourself.


Log 1
Sevarcosa Doower’Tan Epso E
N: Andris Spice, Sevarcos Salt, Bunty, Mist White, Poppy Loft
MoI: Ingested with food, otherwise the refined white crystal is vaporized and inhaled.
P: All Empire worlds which pretty much makes this stuff legal, not really. The methods for cooking it require certain strainers that can resist high heat, making the production limited to a degree. This Spice originated on Sevarcos II.
L: A relatively common spice to travelers, especially on cargo haulers using deep freezing. This spice is used mainly as a preservative. It’s typical compound looks like a tan crumbly dusty salt which is spread on anything to keep “it” well and good. It can be consumed as such, and typically won’t harm you or alter you. However, Andris can be cooked into a finer condition, separating many particles and leaving the heavy Andris particles left over. The White Powder is grainy at first like rice powder, and not as clean as it could be. It boils down further to be purified by even more intense boiling techniques into salty shaped silicates, turning whiter. Burning out the liquids entirely gives you good grain sized silicates that are almost pure white. If you take a boiled down format and freeze it in a compact compartment you are left with a solid silicate chunk rock; requiring an expert Spice crafter’s sensitive attentive skills to get it at it’s “best kick.” Bunty White retains a hold of you by having relatively short trips of about 15 to 30 minutes, the more pure the longer your gone.
E: Andris is what I like to call a spin. A spice used to enhance your senses to certain altered degrees for recreational purposes, or it can produce mild stimulation at the least. The results vary upon use, level of ingestion, and time frame. The unrefined format requires a lot to eat to feel anything, with nothing special in regards to trippy-ness. If you bust through a bunch over time your auditory and touch sensory perceptions enhance, taking taste buds along with it making food of massive importance. If you ingest a large amount over a short period of time you completely dissociate from reality for close to ten minutes per 1/10 gram of this shit. The results are addiction. And I’m not kidding, my personal rehab assistant had me on I.V.‘s following me around with a shit pan for about a week after the experiment. The addiction is bad, and I can see how it can get out of hand if young Imperial kids start cooking it in their back-yards. Lucky for most spacers they don’t have to cook it themselves and can easily get an E format on the “open” market and still get home to a bed in time before they pass out in their own vomit.



Log 2
Deevees Jelmons Joh M
N: Armudu spice, Mixer, Adder, a Compliment, Toppings
MoI: Smoked. Can be eaten, but not recommended.
P: Only a smoker seeks out Armudu toppings. This spice is sold in tobacc shops, but your occasional black market dealer might sell this in bulk or personal amounts. This spice’s origin planet is unknown as it naturally occurs on many worlds.
L: Armudu is a fine crystals aromatic spice, a rare exception to the spice universe where most people are into large silicates. This spice is for organic spice users looking for taste, smell and take-off. It’s natural reoccurence in several parts of the galaxy makes it a far reaching peace-spice. It’s typical high lasts for a few minutes and then disperses, but users of this spice become so addicted over time they literally smoke themselves to death over it. They say its more the smoke that kills you, but who knows, aren’t all the spices bad in any context? Lousy Imperial laws. Due to over-refinement, and mass production the spice is very unclean. Smoked Armudu keeps you sustained for about half an hour.
E: This stuff is like a bad cough, it always comes back. I seem to find it in societies who tolerate it openly, like tribal Trandoshans, and Rodian gang territory. I see lots of traders making bargains off this stuff as it is cheap to manufacture, amazingly easy to produce bulk, and simple to dispose of. Heat neutralizes it almost immediately and it is best smoked with a carababba tobacc added. Withdrawals are sweat waves, shivering, and slight paranoia.


Log 3
Regularsis Naturalis Propetica Morta X
N: Aura spice, Aura, Spicer, Melange, the Worm
MoI: Can be ingested by snorting, eating, dropping into eyes, injecting, plugging. Realistically however you stylize your intake, but all ways are known to be done.
P: This spice is special. You only find it when it comes your way. it is one of the most expensive, rare and elusive spices out there. Finding anymore than a crate of it probably makes you a high mark on the black market. Selling for any less than hundreds of thousands of creds for one vial is the common street price. This Spice originated on Tatooine, but sees production anywhere by those who can afford it.
L: Aura spice. The Spice. One of the hardest to find because it is produced perfectly. It’s a peace-spice, set for ritualistic purposes that set it’s reputation as one of the highest amongst the stars. Basically you take it and pass out, but when you leave you go into a psychedelic trance allowing you to transcend space and time. Usual trips range from intense psychotropic effects, clairvoyance, precognition, access to genetic memory, and the heightening of other senses. People do several consecutive life sentences if they’re caught with Aura spice, a small vial is equivalent to 20 man-slaughter charges. Withdrawal is highly likely, and can lead to death. Aura bears down its subjects with intense mental and physical burden, trips last 24-72 hours.
E: Yep. This is the real deal. The trance can last anywhere between thirty minutes to several days depending on the dose. Typically you want to be meditated and comfortable. Passing out is pretty much the norm, so you’ll want someone around that can make sure you don’t fall over and crack your skull. This stuff was so hard to find we had to hit up a Hutt’s personal stash in the name of Science, and he let it off for the price of a small star ship. When I came down I was dehydrated, like I’d been running for days and hadn’t had a drop of water. I was also struck with a terrible anxiety-insomnia that clung to me for almost five days. When I crashed I slept for almost as long as I had been traveling as a spirit residue amongst the stars.

Aura spi

Log 4
Barositica Bahl’Tahnz Joh M
N: Avabush spice, Avabush, Sandman, Truth
MoI: Typically it is ingested by eating. Other forms such as injection, or poisoned arrows/darts have also been conceived.
P:Not a typical spice that is traded for recreational purposes. The market is more secretive and only those with questionable motives sell and buy Avabush. The propensity for it’s bush reproduction is common place enough to make it an easy spice to get a hold of. This Spice originated on Baros.
L: Avabush is popular among intense interrogators that hit brick walls, and assassins. It doesn’t take a whole lot of Avabush to knock someone unconscious if you can get the spice to hit the blood stream. If you prepare it properly, by mixing it with a base, the dried silicates produce a truth serum. This requires an adequate Spice crafter’s skills to reproduce. The silicates are by-products of a processed thorny cactus-like plant called Avabush plant.
E: So basically it’s either the date rape drug, or the drug you use to get the truth out of a date-raper. It’s a double-edged sword. A wild card spice. I personally have no use for it, but could see it’s illegal use somewhere up in COMPNOR to interrogate Rebel spies. Avabush peters out after about 45 seconds – 15 minutes, its refined format can last 24 hours. The side effects of the withdrawal include loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and insomnia.


Log 5
Bortilius Boskis Joh B
N: Booster Blue, Dodge, Head Rush, Rush, Blues
MoI: Injected intravenously, can be eaten.
P: War zones, crime alleys, gang territory, mercenary bands. This Spice originated on Alderaan.
L: According to the hardcore users you can react so fast to things while on the Head Rush that you can almost predict what is going to happen next. Normally after injecting the Blues there is a definite enhancement to reaction time, making blaster bolts and karate chops seem at slug speed. Apparently this spice is formed between a mixture of Copper Phthalocyanine Blue, the silicate byproduct, and 4-Dimethylaminobenzene the bonding chemical that breaks down the copper into silicates.
E: Booster Blue is a combat junkies medicine. It takes a real grinder to get used to something like Booster Blue. Most of the top gun-heads in the galaxy knows what its like to be in the Rush. A typical Rush lasts from 5 minutes to half an hour. Your withdrawals range from uncontrolled vomiting to uncontrolled diarrhea.

Booster b

Log 6
Sevarcosa Hepzinz Pica M
N: Carsunum spice, Carsunum, Sevarcos Pepper, Jitterdeath, High Time
MoI: Intravenously injected as a liquid.
P: A bit harder to obtain than its cousin Sevarcosa Doower’Tan Epso E, the Pepper finds itself amongst the darker corners of the galaxy. This spice is well hidden enough that you have to know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody in order to get it. This Spice originated on Sevarcos II.
L: An even higher degree of illegality is stamped upon this ‘High Time’. Carsunum is said to be a mental and physically altering spice that has brought certain users to what can only be referred to as “A point of clarity.” The mix up between reality and the spice has many users hooked after their first few tries.
E: There are spices that just get bad reps over time, like they were put here to end us or something. Carsunum is sorta like that. So you get a really good euphoria for a while, and your mind is acute, and your body is taught. And you keep doing it. One of the dark side sayings for the spice is “I got a bad case of the Hepzinz,” indicating that one has reached an intolerable high that won’t fade. Theres also a reason why some people call it Jitterdeath, after inducing enough your metabolism gets knocked out of whack. Keeping food unprocessed with continued vomiting for short periods. Since your body can’t react quickly enough to the metabolism shift it begins to kill itself. When you finally have a serious withdrawal from Carsunum you jitter to death in a furious violent vibration. Typical trips last between half an hour to 3 hours.


Log 7
Bestyufan Jelmons Morta X
N: Collafa spice, Collafa, Backstab, Funny Face, Silly Time, Never Again
MoI: Ingestion, injection, anyway really so long as it hits the blood stream. It is a fine powder.
P: The Funny Face shows himself in the casual spice den, but only for people with dark clouds above their heads. Typically used against someone to literally befuddle them, people not expecting it generally throw psychedelic fits until they’ve either 1. Managed to come down safely without bodily injurry or maybe a little, or 2. Manage to die by means of suicide through spontaneous hazard-action that typically aims to instantly destroy oneself. This spice reoccurs on many planets throughout the galaxy, naturally. Yeh scary shit.
L: Collafa, the “accidentally kill yourself spice,” that has the terrible reputation of being a straight up 3rd party suicide tool. Although never having brought on a good reputation there are some recreational users trying to find a derivative to make the spice less aggressive and longer lasting.
E: This isn’t really a spice I wanted to experience, with all the nasty side-effects that hit users, and bystanders. So I dropped once, and it was a nasty time. I dissociated several seconds after eating a small capsule full of the shards and found myself in wonder-land moments later. It was so scary, even the geometry of the plane around me shifted to something completely different. Walking off a cliff, crashing your ship into a building, and stabbing yourself to death are all real recorded incidents of victims gone mad by the visions of Collafa. Collafa inducement has a user out in wonderland for about 20 minutes.

Gold thc

Log 8
Fieirro Lolomons Joh E
N: Crash n’ Burn, Corellian Spit, Exhaust Gong, Plater
MoI: Crash n’ burn has to be loaded into a special vaporizer in order to smoke it. The spice could also be eaten if the user wished.
P: Crash n’ Burn is a street drug. The common-place existence of it sort of speaks for its regulation. I find younger crowds pushing it more and more these days, and mostly rich kids too. This Spice originated on Corellia.
L: Crash n’ Burn is a mass producer for sure. It was seen as highly-illegal at it’s lift off time. Many Imperials found a large trade to put force up against. It’s cheap and quick to make, so mass production makes it a known face, even in happy households.
E: Crash n’ Burn baby. This ones a classic addiction case. I’d say the Spice is completely useless, but I can’t get past it’s simple psychosis effects. The heightening of mental stimulation is so base and familiar that it makes the Spice interesting. It mimics a terribly weak version of Regularsis Naturalis Propetica Morta -R making it’s supply and demand high, for the cheap trick. When you chew Corellian spit you Crash n’ Burn for up to 3 hours, making its recreational use very popular in the party scenes.


Log 9
Krannas Porticus Malleus Morta B
N: Eldratz spice, Eldratz, Zombie, Enslaver, Tomb Dust
MoI: Ingested with food, typically in liberal doses.
P: Eldratz is another dark and dirty spice. You usually find it amongst assassin dens, and spice rings with bad reputations. Mostly you find it on worlds where slave populations in the masses need controlling. This Spice originated on Krann.
L: This one is bad. It breaks down your mind into a drolled confusion at first. With more ingestion of the spice your brain deteriorates into a blank stare. Ousted from any personality you become pliable and bend to any will. The spice is popular amongst illegal cavers that induce their slave populations to produce, whatever it is possibly more Eldratz. The spice is supposedly so black market you won’t even find it on a Hutt’s list. Imperial laws against this spice are surprisingly non-existent. Or not… The typical swing of this spice can last 24 hours, but with extended use you will never come down, go into the “living death coma” and be a mindless slave the rest of your living days.
E: This spice I decided to skip over. As far as research goes I have not been successful in finding a real dose of the stuff. It’s been surprisingly bunk on the markets that people claim to sell it on. I’ve heard it’s colors depend upon the continent the Eldratz is mined in on Krann.


Log 10
Rhyenosia Rintaldodes Pica O
N:Eng spice, Eng, Recycler, Reducer
MoI: Eaten.
P: This spice is used by tricksters, and people with something to gain by having someone else constantly under the influence. Its found amongst back alley gypsies, and rogues of society, but it is not a common spice to come across.
L: So this is like a spice assassin, but it only works against other spices. The notion about this illegal substance is that it can literally cause a psychoactive addiction to a spice that you like, and make only the active constituents of that spice alone one that can work on you. It eliminates the highs of other spices, and gets you to only use the one of your preference. Its hard to create the tandem of getting this spice secretly to the user, but since its tasteless and odorless you only need to make it happen a handful of times.
E: I was able to find this spice. But I knew what I was getting in to so I didn’t try it. These experiments would all have gone to waste if this weird and simplistic spice had made it into my system.


Log 11
Gannarias Pultensis Epso B
N: Gannarian Narco-Spice, Gannaria, Sniff, Whiffles, Tuft Fluff, White Flight
MoI: Snorted, rubbed into gums, can be reduced to a liquid and intravenously injected.
P: This is a higher class Spice that isn’t really seen on the low end of society. You can even find it in ritzy cantinas if you know the right people. This Spice originated on Gannaria.
L: Well whats to say about one of the most wanted illegal trades in the galaxy. This Narco-spice comes with a price, and if you can push it your most likely living the high life. Thats if you can afford everything after the real estate to house and move product, money for bribes all over, and the right contacts to move the stuff. If you had all the legs of the business going, your probably sitting lookin like the Emperor of your own little galaxy. Know what I mean?
E: Mmmm-mm Gannarian Sniffle Whiffle. The supply and demand for this Spice is so high and violent that often times people not involved in the Spice trade manage to get involved either through smelling creds, or having a blaster placed to the back of their head. When I searched around for this I had to hit six different spice dens before I scored. The thing about Gannaria is that if you wanted to completely get bi-polar on yourself this was the Spice to do. Happy and want to be down, magic. Down and want to get up, presto. I’d say it’s fun to keep the mood swings coming, but that train just ain’t my game. I see others crack out on it real fast. Thinking they can just snort their way to their next point of view, till all their moneys gone. A small baggy of Tuft Fluff can last a user between 30 minutes and a few hours.


Log 12
Plutarius Modensius Joh E
N: Giggle-dust, Giggles, Joker, Smiles
MoI: Snorted, or eaten.
P: This spice is fairly common beyond the core and is seen frequently amongst all trade routes. This Spice originated on Coruscant.
L: Thought to have come from the gambling dens of Coruscant. Although it took a while for galactic society to come to terms with Giggle-dust, it is now seen as a high-market profit turner. This has also brought it’s existence to the attention of the Core worlds, hence the Empire has knowledge of it and it’s attempt to subdue the trade has met with little success so far.
E: It’s going to be an unusual day when you decide to do Giggle-dust. Not because you won’t have fun, your just going to be ultra-sensitive to the environment around you. When you inhale giggle-dust you go on high alert, and laughing fits are not uncommon. The thing about is that you get so high that you might think yourself aware of other peoples thoughts. Now theres no way that inhaling a powder can do something like that…is there? Anyway, you can snort and stay jazzed on giggle-dust for about an hour until you start wanting more. My withdrawal consisted of vomiting blood at first, but once I’d comepletely withdrawn it subsided into some sweaty fevers and then I was ok.

150px giggledust

Log 13
Kesselda Methaldofin Morta B
N: Glitterstim, Glit-Bite, Glow Chew, Space Dust
MoI: Huffed from a bag, can be snorted, if not inhaled then eaten.
P: This is one of those expensive Spices that lends to the bad rep of the Spice world being purely a racket. This is a money maker and a page turner for sure. Many Glitterstim dealers go under because people just don’t like to share business territory, which means sharing customers. Which means your can expect to be sleeping with a blaster under your pillow if you have more than a vial of this stuff. Every night. This Spice originated on Kessel.
L: Glitterstem is a photoactive, meaning it activates with light. As soon as it is exposed it begins to lose potency in purity. After about 15 minutes if you havent ingested exposed Glitterstim its useless. The capsules Glitterstim is transported in comes straight out of a mine, as the Glitterstim is processed in complete darkness using goggles with night-vision optics. The black canisters holding the precious Spice gems inside are tightly packed to avoid rattling. The silicates are clear and shimmer blue upon activation. Smashing the silica down into powder makes it inhalable, and gives the rocks its special name because of the glittery glow the dust emits. Addiction rates run rampant across the galaxy making supply and demand very high. Access to the spice is not as abundant as the demand would wish it due to the fact that giant spice-spiders create it as a byproduct. Which makes obtaining it time-consuming and life-consuming. Their silicated webbing is stolen away to be synthesized into profit and the expansion of the trade.
E: Glitterstim is potent. It’s a large step above Giggle-dust, because it does do what the Giggle legend is said to do. It allows you to transmit messages through latent psychic transcendence. Withdrawals include blindness, infertility, destruction of the sense of smell, insomnia, dementia, paranoia. Upon the use of this spice I found my myself addicted, not just to the mental stimulation , but also knowing the truth of someones words. The addiction was so bad I had to lock myself into a cell for over a week before the withdrawals subsided entirely. While withdrawing I experienced severe emotional trauma and was exposed to periodic blindness.


Log 14
Bitromin Eltexzlar Morta M
N: Glitteryll, Critteryll, Super Spice, Glitter bombs, Helix Time, Melter
MoI: Eaten, injected intravenously, sniffed, huffed.
P: Extended courtesy dens. Really rich guys. Connoisseurs. This spice originated on Ryloth.
L: Legend has it this spice is created by manipulation of the elements to create quite the pleasurable experience. Spice-spiders of Kessel fed on raw ryll silica produce this spice from their webbing, but apparently all have been destroyed, planet-wide. By Jedi no less. The spice was so potent it caused traumatic memory loss, and was also used as a drugging tool. Many lives have been lost in this Spice’s trade so it’s no wonder it is one of the hardest to find on the market. Some say the market for it will never return as the Spice’s production has been completely stamped out.
E: Glitteryll is tricky to find because it is said to be non-existent. Although I have not managed to find any at all, even amongst Hutt benefactors, I have not lost hope. I have a lost holo-image provided below.

Gem australian opal 150x150

Log 15
Ulotop Iotisgunst Epso B
N: Gree Spice, Pleasure Bombs, Up and Up, Farsight
MoI: Sniffed/inhaled, snorted, eaten.
P: Many Hutt spice dens offer the Gree and at discounted rates. Beyond the confines of Hutt Space Gree prices go up as it is harder and harder to find the farther you travel. This Spice originated in Hutt Space.
L: Gree is something monumentally different in the Spice world. While it is still completely illegal to the Empire, empathizers and organizers of the Old Republic fully embrace it often times praising it’s benefits to society at large. The Spice is said to invoke the user with a sense of power and happiness. The effects are so mesmerizing it often times hooks the users, but most rehabilitate to normal status’ after a good run of Gree. Unfortunately most of the substance originates through Hutt hands, making the trade very shady.
E: Gree is impressively non-aggressive, and stimulating. The level of pleasure was so nice however that I found my pockets soon empty after running around on Nal Hutta for a few hours trying to find more. At it’s peak you feel honestly motivated to do and experience a wonderful life. I’d say at best its a money stealer and really good at its job. However in large quantities I can see how many dealers would find an easy market on most planets as the stuff sells like people are starving for it.


Log 16
Cereastow Wilstoic Jelmons Epso E
N: Guilea spice, Guilea, Infi’tri’mi, Chokastah, Bubble Pop
MoI:Eaten, smoked.
P: The Cerean monopoly upon this Spice’s market is very tight lipped and inclusive. Many Cerean exporters of Guilea will not yield more than a few pounds at a time for fear of being caught. Only through tight Hutt rings can one find a decent dosage or supply. This Spice originated on Cerea.
L: Intended for its strong euphoria experience, the Spice’s trade has actually turned violent in the past few decades as supply and demand reach intolerable levels. Cerean black market traders are put under immense pressure as the Spice goes farther and farther into reaches of space as more and more users get hooked. Imperial laws mandate crackdowns on the trade it is not uncommon for Star Destroyers doing sweeps in the Semagi Sector for large quantities of Guilea being smuggled out. The Spice is grown at the molecular level through flora native to Cerea called tecave grass. Traces of malium ingested through the plant produce fruit that grows as small bulbous pods. The pods eventually fall off the plant and are available for production after drying out. The raw mineral at the core of the pods is the metabolised byproduct of the grass, and appears as a shardy, sometimes powdery silica. The extracted silica can be used in the raw format to obtain the pleasant times that Infi’tri’mi offers.
E: A very pleasurable and exotic experience is in for the user of Bubble Pop. The nickname does it justice as all manner of fear and aggravation literally pop as if they were bubbles. The authentic and clean high never takes you over the top as far as feeling uncomfortable. The only negative experience is the withdrawal afterwards can lead to sleeplessness and loss of appetite.



Log 17
Rapidarthis Hemolingus Joh B
N: Gunjack, Weight Shifter, Pump-Boost, Crusher
MoI: Intravenously Injected, can be eaten.
P: Common in ports, and populated worlds. This Spice originated on Corellia.
L: Gunjack is a strength enhancer, it’s said that after a vial of Crusher to the arteries you can lift a truck. Your resistance to pain also fades as your body literally grows four times its size like it’s on a super steroid. Many complications lead into the use of this spice. The most common debilitation is the ongoing side effects that occur while on the Spice. Ability to reason, general dexterity and reaction time remain greatly altered leaving the user at risk to himself and surrounding environment. In controlled situations typically this Spice gets pushed around gladiator and shock-boxing regions on planets.
E: Gunjack isn’t really my kind of Spice. It’s weird how certain spices make it into the Spice Universe, and this one is definitely one of the stranger ones. In the name of science I lifted a vial off a friend and decided to try it out. Locking myself in a room did no good. After inducing the whole vial I became irritant and decided I wanted to leave. Upon coming to the conclusion that I had locked myself in, I destroyed the myomar door and basically left it in my crumpled mess pile of bent re-bar, destroyed sye-bean stress reducers, and a 200lbs boxing bag. After coming down from the intensity you typically have uncontrolled vomiting and extended loss of appetite; Sleep loss is not uncommon either.


Log 18
Kesselda Serpentius Epso X
N: Gy’lan spice, Gy’lan, Stimp, Fire Starter
MoI: Liquified and injected at the base of the skull. Comes in a fine crystal powder, sometimes liquid crystal. Cryovial-ampules often time employed for maximum quality transport to storage space.
P: Beyond the mid-rim there is a sure place for this trade. This Spice originated on Kessel.
L: Gy’lan. One of those Spices. The tales spun about this spice are very interesting. Some sentients report out of body experiences that allow such altered states as experiencing lower and higher dimensions, meetings with beings that could not possibly exist, and considerably clumsy control of bending space/time. The Spice is very dangerous however, and does not allow much room for error when inoculation occurs. The death rate amongst users is 1:3, so ye be warned.
E: This story provided by Gruell’Dr’Ulle, a famous Dug miner in a Hutt mine on Kessel which will not be published. The Dug has earned the rank amongst the slaves as Goaler, and as such enjoys such luxuries as fresh pick of new ore chunk along with rank of: Goaler. Commonly Goaler hoards good finds in order to supply friends and himself with trade. Profits around the spice have made him more than rich a hundred times over on Kessel. He will never work another day in his life. But he enjoys the privileges of the dangerous mines with a host of well payed thugs and miners that look after his ‘interests’ as if they were a cartel like mafia. Anyhow, Goaler is pretty easy going on the stuff since they have a monopoly and good agreement with their Hutt benefactors, who rely on Goaler to keep their spice flow at a steady river. Therefore there is much leniency at the particular star-port which will not be published in order to protect the privacy of said benefactors to my studies. Basically though I was able to exchange a good amount of galactic credits for a few vials of the stuff and me and two of my associates decided that in the name of science…we would all go under the needle. The initial starting point is peculiar as you have to inject into a certain stem of your spinal cavity at the base of your skull for the spice to take effect. The prick is quickly forgotten as the liquidated crystals mix with your blood stream and shoot off into every artery in your body, bringing you to a pulsating rhythm. Unable to properly perceive what you would normally see you introvert to a massive degree and float. I landed in a green field on my planet Dantooine, where I called home. Although when I started to look around more and more I came to realize I had no idea where I was at. Running across the yard I walked off the edge of the lawn expecting to find at least a dirt path leading to the village but instead I stepped off into a void of serpentine vertigo. I stretched and stretched into a massive tornado of myself. I could move in an intended direction but sight was difficult, my elasticated limbos twirled a storm up into the clouds. On land I saw a light in the distance and made for it. It turned out to be a small atom sized hole in the ground. A small crevice that I could barely squeeze through, but as I twisted my apex was able to drop through the atom sized crevice and I appeared on the other side with my 2 comrades, we were whole, and not tornadoes. Our skin was burnished gold now, and our eyes glowed with soft white light. It was like a magical dream world at first, until we came across a deity that tricked us into believing we had stepped into the after life. When we were led into a trap that would seal our doom Cascay, my Duro comrade pushed Modavee, my Human comrade into the pit before us as the sacrifice. Once that occurred we looked down into the pit to find our friend torn apart by mammoth sized Gundarks gulping his flesh down as if it were candy. The trip then spun me out and I landed in a swamp on what I thought was a bad place I’d been before on Dathomir. I tried creeping around, but with dried bracken everywhere stealth was almost impossible. I saw many large flying reptiles, but the ground remained relatively lifeless. I soon found that in my necromantic nightmare a large family of Rancor resided in the particular woods I was venturing through. A bull lead the pack and sensed my clumsy walking from far off. Seeing a stampeding herd of Rancor with a bull at their fore-front is one of the most frightening things I’d ever experienced. At the very height of the moment as they all charged in around me and I was helplessly squealing as I wallowed in pitiful doom, I came to in a haze of sweat. Goaler immediately gave me a drink that he insisted would act as a neuro-toxin to the immediate side-effects. When I’d come down and hadn’t puked I was relieved to be alive. Cascay really did die. As soon as he returned from his out of body journey the veins in his eyes over pumped and popped. He bled to death, and painfully, out of his nose, mouth, ears, and eyes.


Plastic cryo vial

Log 19
Roristhmus Tempestos Epso E
N: Kassoti, Half-life, Rori Drops, Jamilia’s Purse
MoI: Ingested through eating, popularly in a drink.
P: Kassoti is a well recieved spice in the Naboo system. The quality of its extraction to the extent of its care after the plasma baths has the profit margins high. Since the drug is legal in the Naboo system it sits in most home in its green swirls waiting to be poured into Gav or Pio’ry drinks. This Spice originates on Rori.
L: Kassoti is the adult recreational drug of Rorions, and Nabooians alike. While other classes of spice help to relieve some of the high demand for Kassoti, it is a typical house-hold element in the Naboo system. What I find interesting about this spice is that most of it’s hype is built around simply moving the element from its mining origins to its processing facilities. The Naboo space ports aren’t large enough to sustain the amount of commercial liners that move the Kassoti bulk. Trillions of tons have to be processed a year and such high labor demands can only be met by implementation of the masses. Many space captains who don’t embellish a full ship crew that run tight skeleton outfits have to hire extended hands on land. Native laborers or droid task forces tick off a lot of creds to a widely dispersed network to help get the spice from its outlying town-ports to the inner cities of Naboo. The biggest plant is in Theed where the plasma-processing reactor can be heard cooling from five miles away, the spice is so refined it is turned into plate-glass. Unfortunately only the main cities have the power to plasma-process and thus engineering for roads and bridges incurs taxing as well. In two years time the amount of credits spent of Kassoti that is hand delivered by road versus straight-to-port is so inflated that some workers have trouble keeping their wages after a journey’s worth of food and travel. Some of the local dependable shippers with notable Captains have gone out of business as well. The whole port bureaucracy of Naboo is just a mess.
E: Jamilia’s Purse. Interesting name for a spice. I tried figuring out why this prize was called by her majesties name. The spice hunt began on Narmle, the prized Capital City of Rori. While completely deranged and having a fully overlapping alcoholically-attuned Kassoti spice episode I found myself extraordinarily able-bodied. I was amazed by its potent manner of attunement. And some of the under-clubs on Rori drink this Spice on a nightly basis! I spent the better part of a month in the brave company of a bubble-gum pink Twi’lek girl named Eltza Bright; I couldn’t say her native name it was trippy to say the least. Eltza explained to me the deep underlying laws of the Naboo system and how the past seven Queens have endorsed this Spice as the opiate of the masses. Since legalization the crime rates between two territorial Nabooian gangs consisting of a mix of races has dropped to nearly 0%, seeing occasional brawls that are dealt with at the local level and no longer answer to The Mob. Miss Bright also knew of some funny places and always had a star in her eye. A week after starting my love crusade with the love bunny from Ryloth I saw the same shimmer in my own eyes. It was the Kassoti. A slight side effect to extended use is a charming temporary eye sheen like none other. After a cycle I had to get away from it. I was withering, losing weight, loss of appetite, loss of being in any daylight. I become zombied, but the Twi’lek moved on happily without me. Once I left the system there was no more to consume, so naturally I got better with little more than moderate sleep loss. Even though it almost killed me I still drink Kassoti when I’m in the Naboo system.



Log 20
Lichtins Miliktitude Morta X
N: Lumni-spice, Lichen Dust, Dragon’s Breath, Fire
MoI: Eaten. Can be inhaled.
P: Lumni lichen is a rare growth that only occurs under some of the strictest of circumstances. With the correct level of nutrients, space, and light Lumni can grow to massive colonies of lichen, which flake off at certain synaptic spots and dry into spice particles and sometimes into larger silica. Aside from synthetic reproduction the Lumni Spice naturally occurs on the planets of Hoth and Corulag, but other findings have been reported.
L: The tales spun about this spice always end, unfortunately, bad. First theres finding the people sane enough to cave into a Lumni tunnel that can, and will, to risk being eaten by Dragon-Slugs. A Dragon-Slug is the Lumni spice’s natural predator. This lichen eating super monster can grow to lengths of 20 meters, and can easily fit human-sized prey into its mouth. Whats more is that the adults are basically blaster proof, making obtaining their food of extreme difficulty. Most criminal benefactors hire task forces of small stature to do the task.
E: Lumni is like putting on a halo of fire. The kick is wicked for sure and will have you spinning out for close to 36 hours. My dosage only allowed for the minimum because of the amount available, but results were on par and lasted close to 24 hours, even though I got a 1/5 what normal people take. The punch takes you to the floor immediately but the bounce back comes seconds later. Then your zoning in and out of the different spectrums of your consciousness until you reach the edge of the lawn, so to say. From there the trip turns into an ambivalent journey through the stars that you might never come out of. The overdosers on this do whats called “Phase Out,” meaning you go into a spice come, and never return.



Log 21
Magra Supti Lynock Pica B
N: Magravian Cat-Spice, Quickening, 9 Lives, Hyper Nip
MoI:Sprayed into eyes through a special syringe
P: This interesting spice is popular along the Llanic spice run along the Outer Rim. It is a particularly popular spice as its origin planet floats along a smuggling run shared by several other primary producing worlds. This spice originated on Magravia.
L:This spice is said to give users reflexes as sharp as a Chrysalis Blade. The spice speaks for itself. It has little weakness to light and so can be more available in a day trade.
E: I heard once some famous space pirate came across an intergalactic bounty hunter that was after a Jedi. Turns out there was a Jedi, but he worked exclusively with the the pirate. So the bounty hunter was after them both, but it turned out he found the pirate first. Anyway, long story short: the pirate pulled a Quickening, behind the hunter’s back and that’s how he got the draw. That pirate might have been quick, but he stood no chance against the bounty hunter un-flummoxed.

Articles meth crystals

Log 22
Nabootoo Mimens Gungarianik Morta B
N: Millaflower, Pink Candy, Naboo Dust, Pink Rock
MoI: Inhaled/huffed, snorted.
P: Another spice that flows out of the Naboo system, and purely natural. This Spice originates on Naboo.
L: While walking through a jungle on Naboo a human ethnologist studying the Gungan culture outside the city of Theed reported the ‘high of the air’ in certain locations. When the ethnologist went back to figure it out the Gunga children told him about the magic of the Millaflower. The stalks are quite thick, and can grow into trees, but the flowers are small and pink, with a very pleasant odor. As a matter of fact, the smell is said to be so potent as to have an effect on animals as large as Rancors. While used innocently in perfumeries and as romantic symbols the Millaflower has been taken out of context by the black market, synthesized into its purest form, and is now available as Spice. Very potently addictive Spice that pulls in quite a few people on the scandalous rackets that run the Naboo system. At its purest this Naboo Dust is said to be an incredibly powerful tranquilizer.
E: Getting right into it was very easy, so easy it makes you wonder how many creeds were being stolen off the clean markets for the fabricated stuff. Soon all the private places that used the flower in innocence will come to realize its true nature to the Galaxy at large. When I arrive with my colleague, a Gotal named Bortis Brown, in the Naboo system we had such easy access to the Spice that we only had to go to one place. On the edge of Selton we found a small shop that sold smoking accessories for herbs found on Naboo. In the back there was a Milla-lounge where one could take his time and relax on the comfortable luxuriates the establishment offered. I didn’t know how Bortis would be affected, but I left him there after a few hours and when I returned from a short break from the Flower he was passed out. No matter of shaking could get the big brute on his feet, but when he came too he puked all over himself and went into seizures. The level of lethargy coming out of the Gotal was unfathomable as I thought I was on the same level as him. Decided to not let him go it alone I induced more of the precious gem of Naboo, and soon went into a tranquilized death state where my body reacted as if I were made of constantly melting wax. Turbid and out of my mind on MIllaflower I could now accurately measure the ups and downs of Spice. Aside from seizures and sloth-ness, tachychardia was the only other side-effect. My heart rate was on a constant prowl and I could not calm it to save my life. When I came down I saw that my friend had over-dosed and choked on his own vomit. We’d been there for three days straight, whats one more to bury a comrade of science?

180px millaflower ff121

Strawberry meth

Log 23

N: Mummergy


Log 24
Pathoexit Pliptins Joh B
N: Muon Gold, Golden Eye, Gold Touch, Gold Shot
MoI: Typically eaten, can be vaporized and inhaled, also straight to blood stream possible.
P: Manufacturing plants can be found on any planet, and the Gold can be found on any modernistic planet.
L: Popular amongst smugglers at the height of the Galactic Civil War, the spice that fell out of synch with itself is now back in popular demand throughout the galaxy. Typically thought of as an alcoholic beverage it’s one of the spices that falls into the multi category for on the fence. The drink is naturally infused with the spice derivative, making its production of very high value. Value to turn profit that is, which makes this one of the most unclean Spices on the market, and addictive with bad side effects, guaranteed. The thing about it though is its level of temperance versus other spices, it has good lasting effects that occur over the course of eight to ten hours. Effects include mental clarity with a boost to willpower and mental focus. The degrading effects the quality of the alcohol/Spice have been imbued with do nothing more than break down neural pathways over time. A downer for an Ending is all that will close the end of your book if you decide to get hooked on this Spice. Aside from that, due to too many incidents with Imperial agents this Spice has been completely black listed by the Galactic Republic. Therefore, supply comes with demand, and you find Muon Gold all over the galaxy in mass quantities for super cheap.
E: You can’t go wrong when it comes to mixing your illegal intoxicants. Not that alcohol has ever been particularly illegal, but Spice sure as heck tops the list. Once you get the natural stuff in there he alcohol is just an enhancer and then you get to wondering how things wound up really crazy, really fast. So I walked into a bar one time and there were five fellows gambling to the side minding there own business. The waiter for the whole place only has the gamblers and me to tend, so when he comes back around to the bar he tabs up another Muon for the Morseerian winning the game. I was drinking Bantha piss at the time and not in the best of moods when I hear the table succumb to commotion. Looking over I found the Morseerian in a standoff with all of them. He stands up like he owns the place, draws a pistol out of a holster for each of his four hands and continues to execute the whole party simultaneously. After that he look at me and said, “That’s how you win.” I looked at the bartender and asked for Muon Gold, but I must warn the contemporary drinkers of our time. Drink one Muon Gold, not eight, if you want to get up in the morning. My hangover was so severe that I was hospitalized for a week due to memory trauma, coma-like symptoms, and feeling extremely down. Luckily I rehydrated on an IV and was back to normal within a month.


Log 25

N: Neutron Pixie,


Log 26

N: Nyriaan


Log 27

N: Phetaril


Log 28

N: Pyrepenol


Log 29

N: Red Rage


Log 30

N: Ryll


Log 31

N: Ryll Kor


Log 32

N: Sansanna


Log 33

N: Shenir

Breaking bad blue meth

Log 34

N: Sweetspice


Log 35

N: Temptest

Meth msm

Log 36

N: Thruster Head

Red powderspice

Log 37

N: Tire Fin

Yellow crystal meth

Log 38

N: Yarrock


Log 39
Eucladicious Eporamus Pica O
N: Blue Crush Spice, Blue Crush, Fresh Breath, Fresh Air, Moment
MoI: The rocks are crushed into a finer powder than some of the silicate crystals come in, then one can move on to smoking their “pile.” Comes in medium sized micro-silicates.
P: This spice is very commonly traded throughout the galaxy. It can be found on almost any world between the inner core to the outer edges of space. This Spice originated on Corellia.
L: Blue Crush is a derivative of Eucladacious Momentos Morta X. Since the pure version was so dangerous a group of chemists on Corellia found a way to fuse it with a common element that grows naturally on many planets. The element is nitrogen. The scientists figured out a way to remove a vast amount of the toxicity by simply exposing the silicates to a vast amount of nitrogen. The market for it has been explosive for it ever since. Major companies and legalization firms from the mid-rim out vie to endorse the product as a normal legal substance. Many conservatives in the inner worlds think differently.
E: Blue Crush is sensational. It’s no wonder its everywhere, the thing is innocent. I would give it to my grandmother if it weren’t for the tales spun about the Spice trade. I literally have no objections toward use of this spice. I have seen and been through a long list of unclean drugs that could fill a file-cabinet, but I have nothing bad to say about this spice. I’ve heard it’s even seen use in cooking, depending on where your at. It’s a plain-scape euphoria, but there are stories about late night trauma halls where a Blue Crush ODer will get rolled in. They’re lips jabbering about “the Moment, the Moment,” until they go into shock and die. Be warned. All things are fair game with a spontaneous user that doesn’t know what they’re getting in to.


Log 40


The Spice Diaries

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